World’s largest protein array printed at SciLifeLab

Protein fragments representing 94% of the human proteome has been printed on two glass slides at SciLifeLab’s unit Protein and Peptide Arrays making it the largest array ever printed world wide.

The array is a continuation of the work on high density protein arrays that recently got published in New Biotechnology. It comprises a collection of the human proteome represented by 42 000 unique protein fragments from the Human Protein Atlas resource, covering 19 000 protein coding genes. These whole proteome arrays, available in 100 copies each, will be used to study autoimmunity in patient samples and to validate the specificity of antibodies.

“Although the whole proteome representation is simplified by adapting a gene centric point of view and disregarding post translational modifications, it still offers the first possibility of a proteome wide view of the autoantibody reactivity in healthy individuals and persons with autoimmune disorders, in one single experiment.” Said Maja Neiman at Protein and Peptide Arrays.


Last updated: 2015-10-28

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