Aman Russom

Research Interests

Clinical diagnostics is one of the fastest developing areas for microfluidic applications. Microfluidics has the potential to spur the development of protocols and affordable instruments for specific blood analyses with minimal perturbation of individual cell populations. The Clinical microfluidics Lab (Cm-Lab) is developing different microfluidic based point-of-care devices for blood diagnostics. Focus is on sample preparation and integration with nucleic acid analysis. We are currently working on cell sorting for (i)cancer, (ii)allergy and (iii)HIV diagnostics as well as bacteria isolation for blood stream infections; In addition, we are developing different platforms for low cost molecular diagnostics, such as “Lab-on-DVD” and “Lab-on-Foil” platforms. The Lab-on-DVD platform, the group has converted a Standard DVD drives to act as a laser scanning microscope for low-cost cellular and molecular diagnostics. Cm-Lab has a number of national and international collaboration projects, and we are currently involved in three EU projects (CanDo, RAPPID and Digital Sequencing).

Group members

Aman Russom, PhD; Associate Professor, Group Leader of Clinical Microfluidics Lab
Sergey Zelenin, PhD; Senior researcher
Harisha Ramachandraiah, PhD-student
Asim Faridi, PhD-student
Zenib Aljadi, PhD-student
Anna Ohlander, PhD-student
Wang Zhang, PhD-student
Frida Kalm, PhD-student
Indradumna Banerjee, PhD-student
David Walsh, PhD-student (exchange with Northeastern University, Boston USA)


Last updated: 2022-11-30

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