Anders Andersson


Scientific co-Lead for Planetary Biology at SciLifeLab

Key publications

Decreased gut microbiota diversity, delayed Bacteroidetes colonisation and reduced Th1 responses in infants delivered by Caesarean section. Jakobsson HE, Abrahamsson TR, Jenmalm MC, Harris K, Quince C, Jernberg C, Björkstén B, Engstrand L, Andersson AF. Gut 63 (4) 559-566, 2014-04-00

Metagenomic de novo assembly of an aquatic representative of the verrucomicrobial class spartobacteria. Herlemann DP, Lundin D, Labrenz M, Jürgens K, Zheng Z, Aspeborg H, Andersson AF. MBio 4 (3) e00569-e00512, 2013-05-28

Transitions in bacterial communities along the 2000 km salinity gradient of the Baltic Sea. Herlemann DP, Labrenz M, Jürgens K, Bertilsson S, Waniek JJ, Andersson AF. ISME J 5 (10) 1571-1579, 2011-10-00

Genome sequencing reveals a phage in Helicobacter pylori. Lehours P, Vale FF, Bjursell MK, Melefors O, Advani R, Glavas S, Guegueniat J, Gontier E, Lacomme S, Alves Matos A, Menard A, Mégraud F, Engstrand L, Andersson AF. MBio 2 (6) e00239-e00211, 2011-11-15.

Pyrosequencing reveals contrasting seasonal dynamics of taxa within Baltic Sea bacterioplankton communities. Andersson AF, Riemann L, Bertilsson S. ISME J 4 (2) 171-181, 2010-02-00, PubMed, Article

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Research interests

We primarily use metagenomics (shotgun sequencing) and taxonomic marker gene (16S/18S rDNA) sequencing for deepening our understanding of microbial communities. Our major focus is the Baltic Sea, where our work follows two major trajectories: I) To model the microbial ecological network that underpins the pronounced season dynamics in microbial community composition of surface waters. II) To reconstruct the genomes of the most abundant microbial players. We are also involved in projects exploring other microbiomes, such as the human gut microbiota. To enable these projects we develop and optimize molecular as well as bioinformatics tools for community analysis.

Group members

Anders Andersson, PhD/PI/Associate professor
Jürg Brendan Logue, Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Joint collaboration between Lund University and KTH)
Luisa Hugerth, PhD-student
Yue Hu, PhD-student
Johannes Alneberg, PhD-student


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