Key publications

Gudmunds, E., C. W. Wheat, A. Khila, and A. Husby. (2022.) Functional genomic tools for emerging model species. Trends Ecol Evol.

Gudmunds, E, Narayanan, S., Lachiver, E., Duchemin, M., Khila, A. and Husby, A. (2022.) Photoperiod controls wing polyphenism in a water strider independently of insulin receptor signaling. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences.

Husby A (2022) Wild epigenetics: insights from epigenetic studies on natural populations. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences.
Lindner, M., V. N. Laine, I. Verhagen, H. M. Viitaniemi, M. E. Visser, K. van Oers, and A. Husby. (2021). Rapid changes in DNA methylation associated with the initiation of reproduction in a small songbird. Molecular Ecology.

Husby A. (2020) On the use of blood samples in ecological epigenetic studies Integrative and comparative Biology. 60 (6) 1558-1566.
Schielzeth, H., and A. Husby. 2014. Challenges and prospects in genome-wide quantitative trait loci mapping of standing genetic variation in natural populations. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1320:35-57.

Arild Husby

My research interest is to understand the population genetic processes that govern adaptation. I am specifically interested in phenotypic plasticity, the ability of a genotype to change its phenotype in relation to different environmental conditions, and its genetic and epigenetic basis. My group work on a number of different systems, from studying population genetic processes that governs structural variation in house sparrows to using functional genomic work with RNAi on a group of water striders to understand the genetic basis of wing polyphenism in a comparative setting.

Group Members

Aleix Palahi Torres
Erik Gudmunds

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