Key publications

B Vanherberghen, P. E. Olofsson, E. Forslund, M. Sternberg-Simon, M. A. Khorshidi, S. Pacouret, K. Guldevall, M. Enqvist, K-J. Malmberg, R. Mehr, B. Önfelt. (2013) Classification of human natural killer cells based on migration behavior and cytotoxic response. Blood, 121(8), 1326-1334

Guldevall, L. Brandt, E. Forslund, K. Olofsson, T. Frisk, P. E. Olofsson, K. Gustafsson, B. Vanherberghen, O. Manneberg, H. Brismar, K. Kärre, M. Uhlin and B. Önfelt. (2016) Microchip screening platform for single cell assessment of NK cell cytotoxicity, Front. Immunol 7:119.

Sarhan, L. Brandt, M. Felices, K. Guldevall Guldevall, T. Lenvik, J.M. Curtsinger, E.D. Warlick, S.R. Spellman, B. R Blazar, D.J. Weisdorf, S. Cooley, D.A. Vallera, B. Önfelt and Jeffrey Miller. (2018) 161533 TriKE restores NK cell dysfunction mediated by Myeloid-derived suppressor cells in Myelodyspastic patients Blood Advances 2(12):1459-1469

Srpan, A. Ambrose, A. Karampatzakis, M. Saeed, A.N.R. Cartwright, K. Guldevall, G. D. S. Cruz De Matos, B. Önfelt and D.M. Davis. (2018) Shedding of CD16 Disassembles the NK Cell Immune Synapse and Boosts Serial Engagement of Target Cells. J. Cell Biol. 217(9):3267-3283

Olofsson, V. Carannante, M. Ohlin, T Frisk, K. Kushiro, M. Takai, A. Lundqvist, B. Önfelt and M. Wiklund. (2018) Acoustic formation of multicellular tumor spheroids enabling on-chip functional structural imaging. Lab on a Chip 18(16):2466-2476

Björn Önfelt

Forskningsbild Bjorn Onfelt

Research interests

We use microchip techniques for live cell imaging and screening to characterize immune response at the single cell level. T cell and natural killer (NK) cells have remarkable abilities to mediate targeted attack against virus-infected or malignant cells. In adoptive cell therapy these qualities are used to treat primary malignancies, life-threatening virus infections or leukemic relapses after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. Although this therapy has shown promising results we have only a remote understanding of how to utilize T and NK cells to their full potential. A major challenge is to select and prepare cells that mediate anti-tumor effects without causing life-threatening side effects such as graft versus host disease. By better understanding of how populations of NK cells and T cells are built up by individual cells with varying capacity to respond to stimuli we will be able to improve current methods for immunotherapy.

Group members

Björn Önfelt, Professor, PI
Karolin Guldevall, Researcher
Niklas Sandström, Postdoc
Patrick Sandoz, Postdoc
Laura Sanchez Rivera, Postdoc
Rento Alves, Postdoc
Ludwig Brandt, PhD-student
Quentin Verron, PhD-student
Valentina Carannante, PhD-student
Hanna van Ooijen , PhD-student
Karl Olofsson, PhD-student (cosupervisor)


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