Bo Lundgren

Stockholm University

Head of Unit, Biochemical and Cellular Assay Facility, DDD platform

Key publications

Research focus

Facility established 2010 at SciLifeLab as a high throughput siRNA genomic and small molecules screening facility (GMT, SU, Director: Thomas Helleday).
Became an active facility in the national Drug Discovery and Development platform 2014 (Director: Per Arvidson, KI). and a part of DBB, SU.
The facility has presently four FTE employed and is equipped with state of the art instrumentation: non-contact transfer liquid handling, instrument for plating biochemical and cellular assays and analyze in micro plates (384 well format) as well as dedicated cell culture capabilities.
Our function is to provide the small molecule and biologics DDD projects with validated biochemical and cellular assays at industrial / pharma quality. The facility provides the platform projects with assay support, data analyze and reporting of data to the DDD database as well as providing the project teams with expertise target cell model and assays, validation of target, In Vitro Toxicology, predictive toxicology using “In Silico tools” and general pre-clinical support

Our aim is to deliver reliable and project relevant data to the DDD projects in order to facilitate the successful development of new drugs and treatments together with Swedish academic researchers.

Last updated: 2023-07-27

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