Key publications

(2023) A topographic atlas defines developmental origins of cell heterogeneity in the human embryonic lung
Sountoulidis A.*, Salas S.M.*, Braun E., Avenel C., Bergenstråhle J., Theelke J., Vicari M., Czarnewski P., Liontos A., Abalo X., Andrusivova Z., Mirzazadeh R., Asp M., Li X., Hu L., Sariyar S., Casals A.M., Ayoglu B., Firsova A., Michaelsson J., Lundberg E., Wählby C., Sundström E., Linnarsson S., Lundeberg J., Nilsson M., Samakovlis C.
Nature Cell Biology. 25(2):351-365

(2023) Characterizing the autoantibody repertoire in systemic sclerosis following myeloablative hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
Ayoglu B.*, Donato M.*, Furst D.E., Crofford L., Goldmuntz E.A., Keyes-Elstein L., James J., Macwana S., Mayes M.D., McSweeney P., Nash R.A., Sullivan K.M., Welch B., Pinckney A., Mao R., Chung L., Khatri P., Utz P.J.
Annals of Rheumatic Diseases. 82(5):670-680

(2021) Spatiotemporal dissection of the cell cycle with single-cell proteogenomics
Mahdessian D.*, Cesnik A.J.*, Gnann C., Danielsson F., Stenström L., Arif M., Zhang C., Schutten R., Bäckström A., Axelsson U., Thul P., Cho N.H., Carja O., Uhlén M., Mardinoglu A., Stadler C., Lindskog C., Ayoglu B., Leonetti M., Ponten F., Sullivan D., Lundberg E.
Nature, 590(7847):649-654

(2019) AIRE expression controls the peripheral selection of autoreactive B cells
Sng J., Ayoglu B., Chen J., Schickel J.-N., Ferre E.M., Glauzy S., Romberg N., Hoenig M., Cunningham-Rundles C., Utz P.J., Lionakis M.S., Meffre E.
Science Immunology, 4(34): eaav6778

(2017) Clonal evolution of autoreactive germinal centers
Degn S.E., van der Poel C.E.*, Firl D.J.*, Ayoglu B., Al Qureshah F.A., Bajic G., Mesin L., Reynaud C.A., Weill J.C., Utz P.J., Victora G.D., Carroll M.C.
Cell, 170(5):913-926.e19

(2016) Anoctamin 2 identified as an autoimmune target in multiple sclerosis
Ayoglu B., Mitsios N., Kockum I., Khademi M., Zandian A., Sjöberg R., Forsström B., Bredenberg J., Lima Bomfim I., Holmgren E., Grönlund H. ,Guerreiro-Cacais A. O., Abdelmagid N., Uhlén M., Waterboer T., Alfredsson L., Mulder J., Schwenk J. M., Olsson T., Nilsson P.
PNAS, 113(8):2188-2193

Burcu Ayoglu

Our research aims to characterize the immunological features of human diseases and early human life in space and time. We develop and combine high-parametric protein profiling and imaging tools for immunophenotyping in various human specimen, ranging from diseased organ collections and rarely available embryonic tissues to systemic fluids such as blood plasma. By identifying and characterizing immune and other cell types in tissue space, we try to describe organ development in early human life, and we try to find blood and tissue-based biomarkers for human diseases.

Funding Sources:

  • Swedish Research Council (2023-)
  • Knut & Alice Wallenberg Foundation (2015-2019, 2023-)
  • Diabetesfonden (2023)
  • Åke Wibergs Foundation (2018-2020)
  • Tore Nilsons Foundation (2018-2020)

Group Members


Sanem Sariyar, MSc (PhD student)
Iva Sutevski, MSc (PhD student)


Danique van Rijswijck (Erasmus student)
Astradeni Efthymiadou (Research student assistant)

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