Cheng Zhang

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Key publications

Zhang C, Shi M, Kim W, Arif M, Klevstig M, Li X, et al.
Discovery of therapeutic agents targeting PKLR for NAFLD using drug repositioning.
Ebiomedicine. 2022;83:104214.

Karlsson M, Zhang C, Mear L, Zhong W, Digre A, Katona B, et al.
A single-cell type transcriptomics map of human tissues.
Sci Adv. 2021;7(31)

Arif M, Zhang C, Li X, Gungor C, Cakmak B, Arslanturk M, et al.
iNetModels 2.0: an interactive visualization and database of multi-omics data.
Nucleic Acids Res. 2021.

Zhang C, Bjornson E, Arif M, Tebani A, Lovric A, Benfeitas R, et al.
The acute effect of metabolic cofactor supplementation: a potential therapeutic strategy against non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
Molecular Systems Biology. 2020;16(4):e9495.

Lee S, Zhang C, Liu ZT, Klevstig M, Mukhopadhyay B, Bergentall M, et al.
Network analyses identify liver-specific targets for treating liver diseases.
Molecular Systems Biology. 2017;13(8).

Lee S, Zhang C, Kilicarslan M, Piening BD, Bjornson E, Hallstrom BM, et al.
Integrated Network Analysis Reveals an Association between Plasma Mannose Levels and Insulin Resistance.
Cell Metab. 2016;24(1):172-84.

Cheng Zhang

Research interests

The rapid development of single cell omics technology has opened a new possibility of precision and translational medicine. My research group mainly focuses on integration and interpretation of single cell omics data with the help of systems biology tools such as multi-omics networks and genome-scale metabolic models. The aim is to reveal molecular mechanisms of complex disease whose development and progression may involve interplays with multiple cell types. In addition, key pathways and hub genes will also be identified which could be used as novel biomarkers or drug targets for diagnosis and treatment of individual patients. Currently, my group works on projects that investigate liver cirrhosis, renal fibrosis, and colon cancer.

Group members

Mengnan Shi, PhD student


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