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Claudia Kutter

Claudia Kutter
Karolinska Institutet

Research interests

Functional interactions of mammalian coding and noncoding transcriptomes

Over 200 highly specialized cells with diverse morphologies and functionalities exist in the human body, yet virtually every cell in the body contains the same genetic information. To exert cell-specific functions high fidelity mechanisms evolved to restrict the synthesis and processing of discrete sets of regulatory RNA molecules. Abnormal cell behavior as seen in many fatal human diseases, such as cancer, is often the consequence of aberrant transcripts formation.

Research in our group focuses on identifiying and characterizing the regulatory interdependencies of protein-coding and noncoding RNAs (long noncoding, transfer and small RNAs) transcriptome-wide in mammalian somatic tissues and in the germline. Our goal is to gain mechanistic insights into the transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation and processing of RNAs during organ development, cell differentiation and disease progression.

We are particularly interested in:

  • revealing the origin, evolution and disease association of ncRNAs
  • deciphering the molecular mechanism underpinning regulation by ncRNAs and
  • explaining ncRNA functions.

We are an integrated team of experimental and computational scientists. Our approaches include:

  • applying and developing high-throughput RNA sequencing methodologies and epigenetic profiling coupled to powerful computational analysis,
  • detailed biochemical assays and complementing screening methodologies and
  • phenotypic characterization using CRISPR/Cas genome editing tools in cell lines and tissues.

Group members


Laura Catharina Hinte (Master student)
Siddharth Tomar (Research assistant)
Dr Mikaela Behm (Postdoctoral researcher)
Dr Jonas Søndergaard (Senior research specialist)
Keyi Gang (PhD student)
Ionut Atanasoai (PhD student)


Christian Sommerauer (Erasmus student, 6 month)
Christina Savva (Intern student, 6 months)
Sharmistaa Kumar (Intern student, 2 months)
Siddharth Tomar (Master student, 4 months)
Dr Jente Ottenburghs (Postdoctoral researcher)
Dr Jonas Søndergaard (Postdoctoral researcher)
Dr Hassan Foroughi Asl (Postdoctoral researcher)
Hanin Kattae (Erasmus student, 2 months)
Siddharth Tomar (SciLifeLab summer student, 2 months)
Małgorzata Sobota (Research assistant, 6 months)

Key publications


Kutter C.†, Jern P. and Suh A. “Bridging gaps in transposable element research with single molecules and single cells”, Mobile DNA(2018), 9:34

Ernst C., Odom D.T. and Kutter C†. “The emergence of piRNAs against transposon invasion to preserve mammalian genome integrity”, Nature Communications(2017) 8(1), 1411

Ernst C., Pike J., Aitken S.J., Long H.K., Eling N., Stojic L., Connor F., Rayner T.F., Lukk M., Klose R.J., Kutter C.and Odom D.T., “Successful transmission and transcriptional deployment of a human chromosome via mouse male meiosis”, eLife(2016) 5:e20235

Rudolph K.L.M., Schmitt B.M., Viller D., White R.J., Marioni J.C.†, Kutter C.†and Odom D.T.†, “Codon-driven translational efficiency is stable across diverse mammalian cell states”, PLoS Genetics(2016) 12 (5), e1006024

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