Emil Marklund

SciLifeLab Fellow, Stockholm University

Key publications

C. A. Horton, A. M. Alexandari, M. G. B. Hayes, E. Marklund, J. M. Schaepe, A. K. Aditham, N. Shah, P. H. Suzuki, A. Shrikumar, A. Afek, W. J. Greenleaf, R. Gordân, J. Zeitlinger, A. Kundaje, P. M. Fordyce,
Short tandem repeats bind transcription factors to tune eukaryotic gene expression.
Science. 381, eadd1250 (2023).

E. Marklund, G. Mao, J. Yuan, S. Zikrin, E. Abdurakhmanov, S. Deindl, J. Elf,
Sequence specificity in DNA binding is mainly governed by association.
Science. 375, 442–445  (2022).

E. Marklund, B. van Oosten, G. Mao, E. Amselem, K. Kipper, A. Sabantsev, A. Emmerich,
D. Globisch, X. Zheng, L. C. Lehmann, O. G. Berg, M. Johansson, J. Elf, S. Deindl,
DNA surface exploration and operator bypassing during target search.
Nature. 583, 858–861 (2020).

Research interests

In our lab we investigate how biological macromolecules can manage to interact with each other with high specificity, and how sequence information determines macromolecular structure and function. To achieve this, we combine state of the art high-throughput measurements of molecular binding with simulations and mathematical modeling. Our goal is to gain a deep and quantitative understanding of life at the molecular level.

We have PhD student and Postdoc positions availible!
Reach out if you are interested in using high-throughput binding measurements and quantitative modeling to explore the mysteries of life at the molecular level!

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