Kristoffer Sahlin

Key publications

Pomerantz*, A., Sahlin*, K. et al.
Rapid in situ identification of biological specimens via DNA amplicon sequencing using miniaturized laboratory equipment.
Nat Protoc (2022).

Kristoffer Sahlin.
Effective sequence similarity detection with strobemers.
Genome Res (2021).

Kristoffer Sahlin and Veli Mäkinen.
Accurate spliced alignment of long RNA sequencing reads.
Bioinformatics (2021)

Kristoffer Sahlin and Paul Medvedev.
Error correction enables use of Oxford Nanopore technology for reference-free transcriptome analysis.
Nature Communications (2021).

Kristoffer Sahlin and Paul Medvedev.
De novo clustering of long-read transcriptome data using a greedy, quality-value based algorithm.
In Research in Computational Molecular Biology, pages 227–242, Cham, 2019. Springer International Publishing

Kristoffer Sahlin et al.,
Deciphering highly similar multigene family transcripts from Iso-Seq data with IsoCon.
Nature Communications, 9(1):4601, 2018.

Research interests

We develop algorithms and statistical models to analyze large biological datasets. Particularly, we develop algorithms for all types of sequencing data related to sequence mapping, assembly, structural variation detection, and more.

Our lab is interested both in the theory of algorithms and statistical methods (primarily in bioinformatics), as well as the practical and applied aspects to relevant biological and biomedical questions. 

Group members

Kristoffer Sahlin, PI

Alexander Petri (PhD student)
Benjamin Maier (MSc student)

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