Lukas Orre

Karolinska Institutet

Key publications

Janne Lehtiö, Taner Arslan, Ioannis Siavelis, Yanbo Pan, Fabio Socciarelli, Olena Berkovska, Husen M. Umer, Georgios Mermelekas, Mohammad Pirmoradian, Mats Jönsson, Hans Brunnström, Odd Terje Brustugun, Krishna Pinganksha Purohit, Richard Cunningham, Hassan Foroughi Asl, Sofi Isaksson, Elsa Arbajian, Mattias Aine, Anna Karlsson, Marija Kotevska, Carsten Gram Hansen, Vilde Drageset Haakensen, Åslaug Helland, David Tamborero, Henrik J. Johansson, Rui M. Branca, Maria Planck, Johan Staaf, and Lukas M. Orre. Proteogenomics of non-small cell lung cancer reveals molecular subtypes associated with specific therapeutic targets and immune evasion mechanisms.

Nature Cancer. 2021.


Zhu Y, Orre LM, Zhou Tran Y, Mermelekas G, Johansson HJ, Malyutina A, Anders S, Lehtiö J. DEqMS: A Method for Accurate Variance Estimation in Differential Protein Expression Analysis.

Mol Cell Proteomics. 2020.


Fotouhi O, Kjellin H, Juhlin CC, Pan Y, Vesterlund M, Ghaderi M, Yousef A, Andersson-Sand H, Kharaziha P, Caramuta S, Kjellman M, Zedenius J, Larsson C, Orre LM. Proteomics identifies neddylation as a potential therapy target in small intestinal neuroendocrine tumors.

Oncogene. 2019.


Johansson HJ, Socciarelli F, Vacanti NM, Haugen MH, Zhu Y, Siavelis I, Fernandez-Woodbridge A, Aure MR, Sennblad B, Vesterlund M, Branca RM, Orre LM, Huss M, Fredlund E, Beraki E, Garred Ø, Boekel J, Sauer T, Zhao W, Nord S, Höglander EK, Jans DC, Brismar H, Haukaas TH, Bathen TF, Schlichting E, Naume B; Consortia Oslo Breast Cancer Research Consortium (OSBREAC), Luders T, Borgen E, Kristensen VN, Russnes HG, Lingjærde OC, Mills GB, Sahlberg KK, Børresen-Dale AL, Lehtiö J. Breast cancer quantitative proteome and proteogenomic landscape.

Nature Commun. 2019.


Orre LM, Vesterlund M, Pan Y, Arslan T, Zhu Y, Fernandez Woodbridge A, Frings O, Fredlund E, Lehtiö J. SubCellBarCode: Proteome-wide Mapping of Protein Localization and Relocalization.

Molecular Cell. 2019.


Wei B, Jolma A, Sahu B, Orre LM, Zhong F, Zhu F, Kivioja T, Sur I, Lehtiö J, Taipale M, Taipale J.

A protein activity assay to measure global transcription factor activity reveals determinants of chromatin accessibility.

Nature Biotechnol. 2018.


Zhu Y, Orre LM, Johansson HJ, Huss M, Boekel J, Vesterlund M, Fernandez-Woodbridge A, Branca RMM, Lehtiö J. Discovery of coding regions in the human genome by integrated proteogenomics analysis workflow.

Nature Commun. 2018.


Zhou Y, Frings O, Branca RM, Boekel J, le Sage C, Fredlund E, Agami R, Orre LM. microRNAs with AAGUGC seed motif constitute an integral part of an oncogenic signaling network.

Oncogene. 2017.


Branca RM, Orre LM, Johansson HJ, Granholm V, Huss M, Pérez-Bercoff Å, Forshed J, Käll L, Lehtiö J. HiRIEF LC-MS enables deep proteome coverage and unbiased proteogenomics.

Nature Methods. 2014.


Lukas Orre

Research Interests

Our research group focus is divided between two main fields:

Development and application of Mass Spectrometry (MS)-based proteomics methods.

In the proteomics method development field, our aim is improving the analytical depth and quantitative accuracy in shotgun proteomics. In addition, we develop methods for functional proteomics such as analysis of post-translational modification of proteins, subcellular localization of proteins and drug response profiling at the protein level. Further, we are involved in projects where methods for proteogenomics are developed and applied, as well as methods for statistical analysis of MS data.

Cancer proteomics research aiming to improve the treatment of lung cancer patients.

In the cancer proteomics field, our current research is aiming for improvement of cancer therapy, treatment prediction and combination therapy, specifically in the context of lung cancer. This research is based on in-depth analysis of the molecular response to targeted therapies in model cell lines for identification of candidate predictive biomarkers and effective combination therapies. For validation of candidate combination therapies, cell-based drug screening is used. For clinical evaluation of candidate biomarkers both in-depth profiling of clinical lung cancer samples and targeted assays are used.

Group Members

  • Yanbo Pan, Researcher
  • Olena Berkovska, PhD student
  • Mattias Vesterlund, Assistant professor

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