Key publications

Niklas Sandström, Valentina Carannante, Karl Olofsson, Patrick A. Sandoz, Elisabeth L. Moussaud-Lamodière, Brinton Seashore-Ludlow, Hanna Van Ooijen, Quentin Verron, Thomas Frisk, Madoka Takai, Martin Wiklund, Päivi Östling & Björn Önfelt (2022) Miniaturized and multiplexed high-content screening of drug and immune sensitivity in a multichambered microwell chip. Cell Reports Methods

Joseph Rufo, Feiyan Cai, James Friend, Martin Wiklund & Tony Jun Huang (2022) Acoustofluidics for biomedical applications. nature reviews methods primers

Björn Hammarström, Thomas J. Lane, Hazal Batili, Raymond Sierra, Martin Wiklund, and Jonas A. Sellberg (2022) Acoustic Focusing of Protein Crystals for In-Line Monitoring and Up-Concentration during Serial Crystallography. ACS Publications

Karl Olofsson, Valentina Carannante, Madoka Takai, Björn Önfelt & Martin Wiklund (2021) Single cell organization and cell cycle characterization of DNA stained multicellular tumor spheroids. nature scientific reports

Karl Olofsson, Valentina Carannante, Madoka Takai, Björn Önfelt & Martin Wiklund (2021) Ultrasound-Based Scaffold-Free Core-Shell Multicellular Tumor Spheroid Formation. MDPI

Björn Hammarström, Nils R. Skov, Karl Olofsson, Henrik Bruus & Martin Wiklund (2021) Acoustic trapping based on surface displacement of resonance modes. ASA

Martin Wiklund

Building a live-cell microscopy-compatible platform for 3D cell cultures, spheroids, micro-tissue and organoid research using ultrasonic radiation forces as a physical force field to assemble cells in 3D in a highly controllable manner. The goal is to use the platform for various in-vitro applications within microtissue and micro-tumor research.


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