Mattias Jakobsson

Research interests

Our research focuses on human evolutionary genetics and we combine various areas of expertise with passion for human evolution. We address topics regarding our very own history using population genetics, human genomics, computational biology, and archaeogenetics. Recently, we have developed and inferred demographic models explaining the patterns of genomic variation of ancient and modern humans from all over the world.

Group members

Key publications

Gattepaille, L.M., Gunther, T. & Jakobsson, M. Inferring past effective population size from distributions of coalescent times. Genetics, in press, DOI: 10.1534/genetics.115.185058. (2016)

Gunther, T. & Jakobsson, M. Genes mirror migrations and cultures in prehistoric Europe — a population genomic perspective. Current Opinion in Genetics & Development, 41: 115-123. (2016)

Gunther, T., Valdiosera C., Malmstrom, H., Ure~na, I., Rodriguez-Varela, R., Sverrisdottir, O., Daskalaki, E.A., Skoglund, P., Naidoo, T., Svensson, E.M., Bermdez de Castro, J.M., Carbonell, E., Dunn, M., Stora, J., Iriartek, E., Arsuaga, J.L., Carretero, J.M., Gotherstrom, A. & Jakobsson, M. Ancient Genomes link early farmers from Atapuerca in

Spain to modern-day Basques. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 112: 11917-11922. (2015)

Schlebusch, C.M., Gattepaille, L.M., Engstrom, K., Vahter, M., Jakobsson, M., & Broberg, K. Human adaptation to arsenic rich environments. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 32: 1544-1555. (2015)

Skoglund, P., Malmstrom, H., Omrak, A., Raghavan, M., Valdiosera, C., Gunther, T., Hall, P., Tambets, K., Parik, J., Sjogren, K.-G., Apel, J., Willerslev, E., Stora, J., Gotherstrom, A. & Jakobsson, M. Genomic Diversity and Admixture differs for Stone-Age Scandinavian Foragers and Farmers. Science, 344: 747-750 (2014)

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