Mikael Sellin

Mikael Sellin
Uppsala University

Research Interests

The Sellin lab studies the molecular mechanisms underlying invasive bacterial gut disease. We employ comparative cell biology, organotypic tissue culture, and analysis of intact infected tissues, to unravel disease-relevant interactions between microbe and host cell within the intestinal mucosa. Our studies focus on clinically relevant pathogens within the family enterobacteriaceae (e.g. Salmonella and Shigella species), which account for hundreds of millions of disease cases annually. The ambition is that our work will form the molecular basis for future therapeutic approaches against these challenging infectious agents.

Group members

Maria Letizia Di Martino – Researcher
Jens Eriksson – Researcher
Pilar Samperio Ventayol – Post-doctoral fellow
Viktor Ek – PhD student
Stefan Fattinger – PhD student
Eva Skovajsova – Project assistant

Key publications



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