Nathaniel Street

Umeå University

Scientific Co-Lead for Planetary Biology at SciLifeLab

Key publications

(2022) Metatranscriptomics captures dynamic shifts in mycorrhizal coordination in boreal forests
Law SR, Serrano AR, Daguerre Y, Sundh J, Schneider AN, Stangl ZR, Castro D, Grabherr M, Näsholm T, Street NR, Hurry V
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 119: e2118852119

(2021) Candidate regulators and target genes of drought stress in needles and roots of Norway spruce
Haas JC, Vergara A, Serrano AR, Mishra S, Hurry V, Street NR
Tree Physiol doi: 10.1093/treephys/tpaa178

(2017) Spatially resolved transcriptome profiling in model plant species
Giacomello S, Salmén F, Terebieniec BK, Vickovic S, Ståhl P, Fernandez Navarro J, Alexeyenko A, Reimegård J, MaKee L, Bulone V, Sundström JF, Street NR, Lundeberg J.
Nature Plants 3:17061

(2018) Functional and evolutionary genomic inferences in Populus through genome and population sequencing of American and European aspen
Lin Y-C, Wang J, Delhomme N, Schiffthaler B, Sundström G, Zuccolo A, Nystedt B, Hvidsten TR, de la Torre A, Cossu RM, Hoeppner MP, Lantz H, Scofield DG, Zamani N, Johansson A, Mannapperuma C, Robinson KM, Mähler N, Leitch IJ, Pellicer J, Park E-J, Van Montagu M, Van de Peer Y, Grabherr M, Jansson S, Ingvarsson PK, Street NR
PNAS 115:E10970-E10978

(2017) AspWood: High-spatial-resolution transcriptome profiles reveal uncharacterized modularity of wood formation in Populus tremula
Sundell D and Street NR, Kumar M, Mellerowicz EJ, Kucukoglu M, Johnsson C, Kumar V, Mannapperuma C, Delhomme N, Nilsson O, Tuominen H, Pesquet E, Fischer U, Niittylä T, Sundberg B, Hvidsten TR.
Plant Cell 29:1585

My group has a focus on genomics research of aspen, Norway spruce and Scots pine. We perform genome assembly, transcriptome and co-expression network analyses with a focus on understanding the genetic architecture of complex traits such as leaf shape variation, wood development and specialised metabolite production and the role of non-coding RNAs in regulation and genome function. As part of our work we use genome wide association studies and a systems genetics approach to link genomic variation to natural variation in phenotypes, including at all levels of the central dogma.

We are also interested in the interaction between host trees and associated microbial species. For this work we perform metagenomics and metatranscriptomics approaches, including the development of new fungal genomes and novel analysis approaches.

Group memebers

Sara Westman
Teitur Ahlgren Kalman
Vikash Kumar
Elena van Zalen
Camilla Canovi
Eduardo Rodriguez
Soumyadeep Nandi

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