Research interests

We are interested in the bioinformatics aspects of gene expression and gene regulation, which is why we have gathered our group activities under the header Expression bioinformatics. Within this broadly defined research area, we are particularly interested in: transcriptome reconstruction methods and assembly evaluation; allele-specific expression of genes and transcripts including condition-dependent allele-specific expression; regulatory mechanisms including both protein factor binding and chromatin modification events including physical clustering of genes; expression analysis of degraded RNA samples; and the integration of these data to further our understanding of biological systems, specifically in human and plants (model and non-model organisms). Additionally, we also have a long-standing interest in developing methods for predicting protein subcellular localization in eukaryotes.

We preferably engage in projects with an evident potential for bioinformatics method development coupled with a significant biological relevance.

Current projects

  • Develop methods to detect allele-specific expression and chromatin factor association in human white blood cells
  • Improved transcriptome reconstruction and characterization in a spruce variant with accelerated reproduction cycle
  • Detect and functionally characterize physical gene clusters in Arabidopsis thaliana
  • Predict subcellular localization of proteins from amino acid sequence data

Group members

Olof Emanuelsson, PI
Johan Reimegård, postdoc (adjunct)
Benjamin Sigurgeirsson, PhD student (co-supervising)


Last updated: 2022-11-30

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