Örjan Carlborg

Key publications

Forsberg, S., Bloom, J., Sadhu, M., Kruglyak, L., Carlborg, Ö.(2017). Accounting for genetic interactions improves modeling of individual quantitative trait phenotypes in yeast.Nature Genetics, 49(4): 497-503 

Zan, Y., Sheng, Z., Lillie, M., Rönnegård, L., Honaker, C. et al.(2017). Artificial Selection Response due to Polygenic Adaptation from a Multilocus, Multiallelic Genetic Architecture..Molecular biology and evolution, 34(10): 2678-2689

Sheng, Z., Pettersson, M., Honaker, C., Siegel, P., Carlborg, Ö.(2015). Standing genetic variation as a major contributor to adaptation in the Virginia chicken lines selection experiment..Genome Biology, 16

Shen, X., De Jonge, J., Forsberg, S., Pettersson, M., Sheng, Z. et al.(2014). Natural CMT2 variation is associated with genome-wide methylation changes and temperature seasonality..PLoS Genetics, 10(12)

Shen, X., Pettersson, M., Rönnegård, L., Carlborg, Ö.(2012). Inheritance beyond plain heritability: variance controlling genes in Arabidopsis thaliana.PLOS Genetics, 8(8): e1002839-

Research interests

I am a Computational Geneticist focusing on dissecting the genetic basis of complex traits to understand the mechanisms underlying responses to natural and artificial selection. For this, I mainly utilize data from populations subjected to strong artificial selection by humans either in long-term multi-trait selection settings, such as domestication or animal & plant improvement programs, or experimental breeding for extreme phenotypes in single complex traits. Lately, I have also extended my work to natural populations by adapting and using analytical methods originally developed for use in experimental populations to more complex populations. I test biological hypotheses using computational approaches and for this develop new genetic models, computational and statistical algorithms as well as bioinformatics methods. This allow me to explore inheritance mechanisms beyond additivity by extracting more information from available experimental datasets than what is possible with existing methods.

Group members

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