Paul Hudson

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Research Interests

We are pursuing applied and fundamental research into the metabolism of autotrophic (CO2-fixing) bacteria. Most of our expertise is on photosynthetic cyanobacteria though we are also exploring lithoautotrophic, H2-consuming bacteria. We aim to engineer new strains that can efficiently convert CO2 to chemicals, in particular biofuels. This often involves significant modifications to the native metabolism. One area of research is to quantify the energy investments of the autotrophic cell under different conditions, such as its metabolome, proteome, and translatome. A second arm is to use this information to guide metabolic engineering. For example, we can design and insert new metabolic pathways to biofuel that are better matched with the host metabolism. Our lab uses genome-scale modeling, systems biology, CRISPR/Cas-based gene regulation, and adaptive evolution.

More information about my group:

Group members

Paul Hudson (Associate Professor, PI)
Michael Jahn (Postdoc)
Ivana Cengic (Postdoc)
Nick Crang (Postdoc)
Kiyan Shabestary (Graduate student)
Markus Janasch (Graduate student)
Johannes Asplund-Samuelsson (Graduate student)
Jan Karlsen (Graduate student)


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