Per-Olof Syrén

Key publications

A. Eriksson, C. Kürten, P.-O. Syrén*, Protonation-initiated cyclization by a class II terpene cyclase assisted by tunnelingChemBioChem 2017, DOI: 10.1002/cbic.201700443.

M. J. Fink, P.-O. Syrén*, Redesign of water networks for efficient biocatalysis. Curr. Opin. Chem. Biol. 201737, 107-114.

P.-O. Syrén, S. Henche, A. Eichler, B. Nestl, B. Hauer. Squalene-hopene cyclases – evolution, dynamics and catalytic scope. Curr. Opin. Struct. Biol. 201641, 73-82.

C. Kürten, M. Uhlén, P.-O. Syrén*Overexpression of functional human oxidosqualene cyclase in Escherichia coliProtein Express Purif2015115, 46-53.

Featured on the cover of Chemical Communications: P. Hendil-Forssell, M. Martinell, P.-O. Syrén*Exploring water as building bricks in enzyme engineering. Chem. Commun. 201551, 17221-17224.

Per-Olof Syrén

Protein Engineering of Enzymes – Our aim is to contribute to better environment and health by exploring the full potential of enzyme design and engineering for applications in biocatalysis, synthetic biology, medicine and biomaterials.

About us

Life is easy to identify, but remarkably hard to define. One fundamental property of living organisms is the order they create in their environment through evolved metabolic pathways, organized structures and self-replication which are basal energy-consuming processes dependent on enzymes that accelerate the chemistry of life up to 10^26-fold. Fundamental and organizational tasks, for instance energy conversion and information processing, would take millions – or even billions – of years in the absence of enzymes, thus representing timescales that would be incompatible with life.

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The Syrén lab works with computer simulations and bioinformatics, as well as experimental biotechnology and protein engineering to enhance our fundamental understanding of enzymes, their mechanisms and evolution at the atomistic level. Towards reaching this goal we bridge fundamental chemical principles with state-of-the art biotechnology. Through transdisciplinary scientific methods we are developing novel enzyme engineering strategies for applications within biopolymer science and for the generation of superior biopharmaceuticals and fine chemicals from renewable sources. For more detailed information about our research and the different projects, visit our website:

Group members

Per-Olof Syrén, Associate Professor
Antonino Biundo, Postdoctoral researcher
Tamás Görbe, Postdoctoral researcher
Natalie Hendrikse, PhD-student
Arne Stamm, PhD-student 


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