Rozbeh Jafari

Key publications

Integrative multi-omics and drug response profiling of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell lines.
Isabelle Rose Leo, Luay Aswad, Matthias Stahl, Elena Kunold, Frederik Post, Tom Erkers, Nona Struyf, Georgios Mermelekas, Rubin Narayan Joshi, Eva Gracia-Villacampa, Päivi Östling, Olli P. Kallioniemi, Katja Pokrovskaja Tamm, Ioannis Siavelis, Janne Lehtiö, Mattias Vesterlund, Rozbeh Jafari*. Nature Communications volume 13, Article number: 1691 (2022).

Proteogenomics refines the molecular classification of chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
Sophie A. Herbst*, Mattias Vesterlund*, Alexander J. Helmboldt, Rozbeh Jafari, Ioannis Siavelis, Matthias Stahl, Eva C. Schitter, Nora Liebers, Berit J. Brinkmann, Felix Czernilofsky, Tobias Roider, PeterMartin Bruch, Murat Iskar, Adam Kittai, Ying Huang, Junyan Lu, Sarah Richter, Georgios Mermelekas, Husen Muhammad Umer, Mareike Knoll, Carolin Kolb, Angela Lenze, Xiaofang Cao, Cecilia Österholm, Linus Wahnschaffe, Carmen Herling, Sebastian Scheinost, Matthias Ganzinger, Larry Mansouri, Katharina Kriegsmann, Mark Kriegsmann, Simon Anders, Marc Zapatka, Giovanni Del Poeta, Antonella Zucchetto, Riccardo Bomben, Valter Gattei, Peter Dreger, Jennifer Woyach, Marco Herling, Carsten MüllerTidow, Richard Rosenquist, Stephan Stilgenbauer, Thorsten Zenz, Wolfgang Huber, Eugen Tausch, Janne Lehtiö§ and Sascha Dietrich§.
Nature Communications volume 13, Article number: 6226 (2022).

Thermal proteome profiling identifies PIP4K2A and ZADH2 as off-targets of Polo-like kinase 1 inhibitor volasertib.
Goroshchuk O, Kolosenko I, Kunold E, Vidarsdottir L, Pirmoradian M, Azimi A, Jafari R*, Palm-Apergi C*. FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology 2021 35;7 e21741

Novel Broad-Spectrum Antiviral Inhibitors Targeting Host Factors Essential for Replication of Pathogenic RNA Viruses.
Tampere M, Pettke A, Salata C, Wallner O, Koolmeister T, Cazares-Korner A, Visnes T, Hesselman MC, Kunold E, Wiita E, Kalderen C, Lightowler M, Jemth AS, Lehtio J, Rosenquist A, Warpman-Berglund U, Helleday T, Mirazimi A, Jafari R, Puumalainen MR. VIRUSES BASEL 2020 12;12 Viruses

In cell CETSA screening identifies known and novel thymidylate synthase inhibitors and slow activation of 5-FU.
Almqvist H*, Axelsson H*, Jafari R, Dan C, Mateus A, Haraldsson M, Larsson A, Martinez Molina D, Artursson P, Lundbäck T, Nordlund P. Nature Communications (2016), 7;11040

The cellular thermal shift assay for evaluating drug target interactions in cells.
Jafari R, Almqvist H, Axelsson H, Ignatushchenko M, Lundbäck T, Nordlund P, Martinez Molina D. Nature protocols (2014) 9;9 2100-22

Tracking cancer drugs in living cells by thermal profiling of the proteome.
Savitski MM, Reinhard FB, Franken H, Werner T, Savitski MF, Eberhard D, Martinez Molina D, Jafari R, Dovega RB, Klaeger S, Kuster B, Nordlund P, Bantscheff M, Drewes G. Science (New York, N.Y.) (2014) 346;6205 1255784

Monitoring drug target engagement in cells and tissues using the cellular thermal shift assay.
Martinez Molina D*, Jafari R*, Ignatushchenko M*, Seki T, Larsson EA, Dan C, Sreekumar L, Cao Y, Nordlund P. Science (New York, N.Y.) (2013) 341;6141 84-7

Rozbeh Jafari

Research interests

Our overall aim in the Childhood Cancer team is to use mass spectrometry-based proteomics to increase our biological understanding of childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), define clinical phenotypic subtypes, evaluate drug interactions, and identify precision medicine candidates for improving personalized therapy.

Childhood ALL is the most common pediatric cancer accounting for roughly 75-80% of all childhood cancer cases. Although many of the patients achieve complete remission and are cured by standard therapies, patients’ relapsing in the disease have a much poor prognosis. Treatment of relapsed ALL is overall more intense and is affecting the quality of life considerably. Therefore, the resistance development and long-term side effects of current broad cytotoxic therapy of ALL has warranted novel and more effective individualized therapies.

We are engaged in using Thermal Proteome Profiling (TPP) and in-depth proteogenomics and systems biology for identifying novel predictive resistant and therapeutic biomarkers for a more effective personalized therapy in treatment of pediatric ALL.

Group Members

Rozbeh Jafari, PhD, Principal Investigator
Isabelle Leo, PhD Student
Luay Aswad, PhD, Postdoc
Xuekang Qi, PhD, Postdoc

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