Sara Mangsbo

Key publications

EAK Fletcher, W van Maren, R Cordfunke, J Dinkelaar, JDC Codee, G van der Marel, CJM Melief, F Ossendorp, JW Drijfhout, SM Mangsbo. Formation of immune-complexes with a tetanus-derived B cell epitope boosts human T cell responses to covalently-linked peptides in an ex-vivo blood loop system. J Immunol. 2018 Jul 1;201(1):87-97018

Mangsbo SM, Fletcher EAK, van Maren WWC, Redeker A, Cordfunke RA, Dillmann I, Dinkelaar J, Ouchaou K, Codee JDC, van der Marel GA, Hoogerhout P, Melief CJM, Ossendorp F, Drijfhout JW. Linking T cell epitopes to a common linear B cell epitope: A targeting and adjuvant strategy to improve T cell responses. Mol Immunol. 2018 Jan;93:115-124

Fletcher EAK, Eltahir M, Lindqvist F, Rieth J, Törnqvist G, Leja-Jarblad J, Mangsbo SM. Extracorporeal human whole blood in motion, as a tool to predict first-infusion reactions and mechanism-of-action of immunotherapeutics. Int Immunopharmacol. 2018 Jan;54:1-11.

van Hooren L, Sandin LC, Moskalev I, Ellmark P, Dimberg A, Black P, Tötterman TH, Mangsbo SM. Locally delivered check-point blockade prevents growth of experimental bladder cancer. Eur J Immunol. 2016 Nov 22.

Mangsbo SM, Broos S, Fletcher E, Veitonmaki N, Furebring C, Dahlen E, Norlen P, Lindstedt M, Totterman TH, Ellmark P. The human agonistic CD40 antibody ADC-1013 eradicates bladder tumors and generates T cell dependent tumor immunity. Clin Cancer Res. 2014

Research Interests

Our work is focused on development and evaluation of novel biologicals and combinations thereof, where activation of tumor-specific T cells is key. Our research is also focused on off-target effects related to these therapies, such as interactions with Fc receptors and how this can be studied in humanized model systems. In a human whole blood model we study both adverse events in the form of first-infusion reactions related to interactions with immune cells and cascade systems, as well as recall responses using peptide conjugates incorporating known T cell epitopes and how these responses are modulated by various immune modulating drug candidates.

In addition we have focused our research on tumor localized immunotherapy and specifically studied this in an experimental bladder cancer model. With the aim to locally enhance immune activation in the tumor micro-environment and tumor-draining lymph node while sparing unnecessary systemic activation and thereby avoid induction of auto-immune symptoms.

We have a novel bladder cancer model in which we can study immune-tumor interactions and novel immunotherapies in.

Group members

Aikaterini Chourlia, Research assistant and laboratory manager
Aikaterini Nasi, Researcher
Antonino Napoleone, Research assistant
Elinor Larsson, Research assistant
Iliana Kerzeli, PhD student
Ida Olsson, PhD student
Ivan Stepanek, Postdoctor
Martin Lord, Researcher
Mohamed Eltahir (MD), PhD student
Polat Turker, MD and affiliated PhD student
Ulrika Segersten, Affiliated researcher

Contact, +46704250878

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