Sophia Hober

Key publications

Phase I Study of 99mTc-ADAPT6, a Scaffold Protein–Based Probe for Visualization of HER2 Expression in Breast Cancer
O Bragina, E von Witting, J Garousi, R Zelchan, M Sandström, A Orlova, …
Journal of nuclear medicine 62 (4), 493-499

Improving the tolerance of a protein a analogue to repeated alkaline exposures using a bypass mutagenesis approach
M Linhult, S Gülich, T Gräslund, A Simon, M Karlsson, A Sjöberg, K Nord, …
Proteins: structure, function, and bioinformatics 55 (2), 407-416

SARS-CoV-2 exposure, symptoms and seroprevalence in healthcare workers in Sweden
AS Rudberg, S Havervall, A Månberg, A Jernbom Falk, K Aguilera, H Ng, …
Nature communications 11 (1), 1-8

Proteomics. Tissue-based map of the human proteome.
M Uhlén, L Fagerberg, BM Hallström, C Lindskog, P Oksvold, …
Science (New York, NY) 347 (6220), 1260419-1260419

CaRA–A Multi-Purpose Phage Display Library for Selection of Calcium-Regulated Affinity Proteins
M Jönsson, J Scheffel, E Larsson, M Möller, G Rossi, M Lundqvist, …
New Biotechnology

Protein engineering allows for mild affinity-based elution of therapeutic antibodies
S Kanje, R Venskutonytė, J Scheffel, J Nilvebrant, K Lindkvist-Petersson, …
Journal of molecular biology 430 (18), 3427-3438

Sophia Hober


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