Tanja Slotte

Tanja Slotte
Stockholm University

Research Interests

We are interested in understanding what factors govern how genetic variation is distributed in plant genomes, and how this results in phenotypic diversity within and among plant species. We are especially interested in the evolutionary consequences of plant mating system shifts, polyploidy and hybridisation.

Currently, our main research projects concern:

  1. The genetic basis of recent plant adaptation – in particular the role of cis-regulatory changes and mechanisms underlying such changes in Capsella rubella
  2. The impact of mating systems and ploidy on the efficacy of natural selection
  3. The role of small RNA as dominance modifiers and the consequences of dominance at loci under strong balancing selection, such as at plant self-incompatibility loci (S-loci)

Our work often involves analyses of large-scale sequencing data sets, but we also conduct genetic mapping and experimental plant work. Currently, the main focus is on evolutionary processes in the Brassicaceae, but we are open to exploring other systems.

Group members

Kim Steige, PhD student
Dr. Michael D. Nowak, postdoc
Dr. Benjamin Laenen, Leonardo fellow

Key publications

Slotte T, Hazzouri KM, Ågren JA, Koenig D, Maumus F, Guo Y, Steige K, Platts AE, Escobar JS, Newman LK, Wang W, Mandakova T, Vello E, Smith SM, Steffen J, Takuno S, Brandvain Y, Coop G, Andolfatto P, Hu TT, Blanchette M, Clark RM, Quesneville H, Nordborg M, Gaut BS, Lysak MA, Jenkins J, Grimwood J, Prochnick S, Shu S, Rokhsar D, Schmutz J, Weigel D, Wright SI. 2013. The Capsella rubella genome and the genomic consequences of rapid mating system evolution. Nature Genetics 45:831-835.

Wright SI, Kalisz S, Slotte T. 2013. Evolutionary consequences of self-fertilization in plants. Proceedings of the Royal Society Series B Biological Sciences. 280:20130133.

Brandvain Y, Slotte T, Hazzouri KM, Wright SI, Coop G. 2013. Genomic identification of founding haplotypes reveals the history of the selfing species Capsella rubella. PLoS Genetics 9:e1003754.

Slotte T, Hazzouri KM, Stern DL, Andolfatto P, Wright SI. 2012. Genetic architecture and adaptive significance of the selfing syndrome in Capsella. Evolution 66:1360-1374.

Slotte T, Foxe JP, Hazzouri KM, Wright SI. 2010. Genome-wide evidence for efficient positive and purifying selection in Capsella grandiflora, a plant species with a large effective population size. Molecular Biology and Evolution 27:1813-1821.

External homepage

Group homepage: http://tanjaslottelab.se

Stockholm University homepage: http://www.su.se/emb/english/about-us/staff/r-s/tanja-slotte-1.174088



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