SciLifeLab International Postdoctoral Program – SciLifeLab PULSE

SciLifeLab has the ambition to join with Swedish Universities to form the international SciLifeLab postdoc program, SciLifeLab PULSE – Program for fUture Leaders in life SciencE, with the aim to train future research leaders in Life Science. The goal is for the program to be co-funded through the MSCA COFUND program. The program will offer a holistic approach – research and leadership – with particular focus on innovative research linked to data-driven life science, utilization & industry.

In February 2024, SciLifeLab submitted an application for PULSE through the EU’s MSCA COFUND call. 


The purpose of the program is to strengthen the research network in Sweden and abroad in the long term by increasing the recruitment of international, highly qualified postdoc candidates in Life Science, and through mobility between universities, research infrastructures, research institutes and companies within the program.

SciLifeLab has invited representatives from the Universities of Sweden to participate in the design of the program, as well as representatives from the Life Science industry. The aim is to create an international consortium to ensure excellence and the implementation of the program in the best possible way.

The planned program has 9 Implementing university partners and 24 Associated partners representing research infrastructures, research institutes and companies, that will contribute to postdoc training and host secondments.


February 8, 2024

Deadline for HORIZON-MSCA-2023-COFUND-01 call. Decision in Q2/Q3, 2024.

Overview of the SciLifeLab PULSE program.

Key Figures

  • Recruitment of 48 postdocs in two phases 2025-2029
  • University partners, GU, KTH, LiU, LU, KI, MaU, SU, ÖrU, UU, UmU, and also the SciLifeLab DDD platform
  • Industrial partners, e.g. Affibody, Akiram, Beactica Therapeutics, Lipum, Prosilico, Quretech Bio, Red Glead Discovery, RISE, TestaCenter, Toleranzia and the industry organisations Lif & SwedenBIO
  • Research infrastructures, e.g. EATRIS, EMBL and VIB
  • Goal to co-fund program through MSCA-COFUND with 6.9 MSEK
  • Training package for future leaders in Life Science, e.g. data management, Open Science, FAIR principles, cutting edge technologies, project leading, grant writing, communication, innovation & entrepreneurship

SciLifeLab Project group

  • Mia Phillipson, SciLifeLab Co-Director
  • Per Ljungdahl, Campus Solna Director
  • Kristian Sandberg, Platform co-Director DDD
  • Jessica Lindvall, SciLifeLab Training hub Lead
  • Disa Hammarlöf, Operations office
  • Maria Bäckström, Operations office
  • Per Lek, Operations office
  • Anna Frejd, Operations office

SciLifeLab PULSE

SciLifeLab PULSE is a MSCA-COFUND Postdoctoral programme designed to recruit and train 48 postdocs in two tracks; Entrepreneurial (upper) and Academic (lower)

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