Bioinformatics (NBIS)

National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden (NBIS) provides custom-tailored support beyond the predefined analyses typically offered by the data-generating platforms at SciLifeLab. The NBIS platform also provides computing and storage resources for large-scale biological data in collaboration with the SNIC supercomputer centres.

  • Bioinformatics short-term support and infrastructure is provided by BILS (Bioinformatics Infrastructure for Life Sciences), having expertise in a multitude of bioinformatics areas. This facility also offers a genome annotation service for novel genomes and provides assistance with data publishing. Contact:
  • Bioinformatics long-term support (>3 months; ”embedded bioinformaticians”) is provided by WABI (Wallenberg Advanced Bioinformatics Infrastructure), predominantly supporting projects that use the SciLifeLab platforms for data generation. Contact:
  • Bioinformatics compute and storage, including know-how, design and implementation of these resources for biological data, is provided by Uppnex, as a part of the SNIC supercomputer centers. Contact:

Bioinformatics support is also available at our helpdesk forum

Platform Advisory Board
Additional members to be appointed
Siv Andersson, Chairman (Uppsala University)
Peter James (Lund University)
Kerstin Johannesson (Gothenburg University)
Inge Jonassen (University of Bergen)
Anders Krogh (Copenhagen University)
Additional members to be appointed

Platform directors
Bengt Persson, Platform Director (Uppsala University/Karolinska Institutet)
Erik Lindahl, Vice Platform Director (Stockholm University)