Drug Discovery and Development Platform (DDD)

National platform

The SciLifeLab Drug Discovery and Development platform offers integrated drug discovery efforts to the Swedish academic research community. We offer industry standard infrastructure, expertise, and strategic support to help progress projects towards a preclinical proof-of-concept. The drug leads can be either a small molecule drug or a human antibody therapeutic. Services are offered in the following areas:

  • Up to 80 hour free support to prepare your project as a drug discovery project, including an initial drug target product profile, and a lead generation/antibody selection strategy with progression plans
  • In collaboration with Chemical Biology Consortium Sweden, logistic solutions and data management for sharing of large number of compounds (SciLifeLab compound collection)/antibodies. For more details contact Åsa Slevin, asa.slevin@scilifelab.se
  • In collaboration with Unit for Toxicology Sciences at Karolinska Institutet (Swetox Södertälje), projects are evaluated for target safety concerns and approved projects are offered chemical toxicity support (small molecules),  immunotoxicity support (antibodies and small molecules) and safety support in the design of pharmacology in vivo studies. For more details contact Björn Glinghammar, Bjorn.Glinghammar@ki.se
  • Protein production for assay development
  • Identification of binders from our IP free phage display library of human antibodies
  • Biochemical and cellular screening, both at single concentration in large compound libraries and to generate dose response data for iterative chemistry
  • Medicinal synthetic and computational chemistry
  • Analysis of drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics data for compounds and antibodies
  • Advanced analysis of in vitro pharmacology and systems pharmacology of compounds and antibodies
  • Biophysical characterization of molecular interaction between target and compounds or antibody

Importantly, the researcher/customer retains all rights and ownership during this process.

We encourage all academic researchers with an interest in turning their discoveries into cures for patients to contact us. For more information for how to start a project, please contact us via dddprojectproposal@scilifelab.se


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Platform Steering Group

Håkan Billig, Chair (University of Gothenburg)
Charlotte Edenius (Allmora Life Science)
Mef Nilbert (Lund University)
Anna Sandström (AstraZeneca, ex-Vinnova)
Maria Jenmalm (Linköping University)
Kjell Sakariassen (KELLSA)
Lars Lannfelt (UU)

Platform directors
Per Arvidsson, Platform Director (Karolinska Institutet) per.arvidsson@scilifelab.se
Kristian Sandberg, Vice Platform Director (Uppsala Universitet) kristian.sandberg@scilifelab.uu.se