Infrastructure contributions

Like all other activities at SciLifeLab, the infrastructure was in 2020 affected in several ways by the corona pandemic. In March 2020, all platforms and units were notified by SciLifeLab’s management group to prioritize COVID-19 related projects. Many of the units redirected their activities to contribute to research on the pandemic. During 2020 the infrastructure in its entirety was involved in more than 100 projects on COVID-19, and the time resources required for the projects included a total of almost 30 full-year equivalents.

More information

As a national, government-funded research infrastructure in Sweden, SciLifeLab can make advanced technologies and expertise available to support researchers working in COVID-19-projects. As always, feasibility and quality are key when our units approve applications for service.

SciLifeLab service units are still encouraged to prioritize projects regarding COVID-19. Are you conducting a COVID-19 project and unsure of which infrastructure unit to contact? Send an email to and we will guide you from there. 

Last updated: 2024-02-23

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