SciLifeLab Göteborg

In 2021 Göteborg was selected as one of the newly appointed local SciLifeLab sites, which have the assignment to coordinate SciLifeLab activities at each site and to function as ambassadors for SciLifeLab as a whole (see paragraph 8 in SciLifeLab Board Meeting nr 53, 211111). 

The local SciLifeLab site in Gothenburg includes units at both the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology and has a strong connection to Sahlgrenska University Hospital. These units are Bioinformatics (NBIS), Clinical Genomics, Swedish Metabolomics Center, Proteomics Core Facility (with focus on Glycoproteomics), Centre for Cellular Imaging (with focus on Cryo-EM screening and Correlative Array Tomography) and Swedish NMR center. OligoNova Hub, a new national infrastructure for oligonucleotide drug development within the Drug Discovery and Development platform, will soon start its operation. Our aim is to make all national resources within SciLifeLab more accessible for the researchers in Gothenburg and to attract more users outside Gothenburg to the national resources at the Gothenburg site.

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Medicinaregatan 5
41390 Gothenburg

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Core Facilities
Sahlgrenska Academy
Box 413
405 30 Gothenburg

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