DDLS strategy – The future of life science is data-driven

“We are at the start of a new digitalization era of life sciences which offers exceptional opportunities but also many challenges.”

“We envisage that the DDLS program is essential for Sweden to lead the transformation towards a data-driven future in life science. “

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Developing a long-term DDLS strategy

In June 2021, a first version of the DDLS strategy was launched. It was developed by the DDLS steering group with input from the funder Knut and Alice Wallenberg foundation (KAW) and the 11 participating organizations, SciLifeLab Board, Management group, Operations office and Data Centre. Since then, a dialogue with stakeholders has been ongoing. On September 14, 2021 program stakeholders were invited to provide their views at an open digital meeting, The future of life science is data-driven – DDLS update and strategy”.

Based on the contributions and feedback from stakeholders as well as the International Advisory Board of SciLifeLab, a revised and final long-term strategy for the DDLS program will be developed and published in early 2022.

Strategy content

The strategy sets out the direction of the national program and describes what DDLS wants to achieve in the coming years. It describes the program’s motivation, specific aims, an overall strategy, and the priorities of the four strategic research areas.

Strategic objectives of the DDLS program

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