[Clinical Talks] Stanford Ignite: Lessons learned from teaching entrepreneurs

October 21, 2022, 09:00 – 09:30


Clinical Talks
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[Clinical Talks] Stanford Ignite: Lessons learned from teaching entrepreneurs

October 21 @ 09:00 09:30 CEST

Yossi Feinberg

The Adams Distinguished Professor of Management and Professor of Economics at Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB)

Yossi Feinberg received his PhD in Mathematics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in 1997. His thesis studied how differing prior beliefs of decision makers can be expressed by their disagreement on current (posterior) events. After completing his dissertation under the supervision of Nobel Laureate Professor Robert J. Aumann, Yossi began teaching economics at Kellogg Graduate School of Management. Yossi joined Stanford GSB in 1998.

Yossi’s teaching interests include Economics of Organization, Managerial Economics, Strategy, Information Markets, Game Theory and Applied Decision Making. In 2003 he received the MBA distinguished teaching award.

Yossi’s recent research interests include, for example, the analysis and implication of strategic decision making in the face of unawareness. He has modeled games with unawareness and their solutions. In these games each decision maker can reason about the extent to which others may only have a limited perception of the full scale of the economic interaction at hand. Yossi was an Associate Editor of the Journal of Economic Theory and is serving as a referee for all major microeconomics journals. He has given numerous invited seminars as well as multiple plenary talks at academic conferences.

He has been consulting in a wide range of industries including hi-tech, media and healthcare as well as giving invited talks on topics such as pricing, the sub-prime crisis, in-house vs. outsourcing, allocating decision power in organizations and strategic interactions.

He is the faculty director of Stanford Ignite, a global innovation program running on the Stanford Campus.

Stanford Ignite

Stanford Ignite grew out of a new kind of entrepreneurial educational program initiated in 2006 and spearheaded by Professor Yossi Feinberg. In aggregate, about 1,600 past participants have started more than 100 successful companies since the program was introduced.

Stanford Ignite is a certificate program that provides the business fundamentals necessary to succeed at any entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial venture. Business concepts learned in the classroom span core business skills and functional skills, and are reinforced through practical application with team venture projects, where participants work by project-based learning approach, in teams of five or six to develop a new product or service for an existing organization or a new venture.

Previous participants include graduate students currently pursuing a master’s, MD, PhD, or post-doc program in a nonbusiness field, with a strong representation from the Life Sciences area. A key attribute to of the success of the program is the close academic experience it offers. Participants engage directly with the same renowned faculty that teach in the Stanford MBA Program. Participation in real-time lectures, case evaluations, Q&A sessions, small group discussions, workshops, panels, and team projects. The program also features guest speakers from leading companies, many of whom become venture-project mentors.

Key Benefits

Stanford Ignite –is a certificate program that provides the business fundamentals to succeed at any entrepreneurial ventures.

  • Learn fundamental business concepts from core business frameworks to tactical skills.
  • Reinforce and apply lessons learned by working on a team to develop a new product or service.
  • Improve communication, elevator pitch, and presentation skills in a daylong communications bootcamp.
  • Present your idea and get robust feedback from venture capitalists, angel investors, industry experts, and experienced entrepreneurs.

Clinical Talks

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