DDLS Fellow positions at Stockholm University

February 24, 2022 February 25, 2022


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Online event via Zoom

DDLS Fellow positions at Stockholm University

February 24 @ 13:25 February 25 @ 15:00 CET

Welcome to attend the open, on-line presentations given as part of the recruitment process for the two Tenure-Track positions as Assistant Professors in Data-Driven Cell and Molecular Biology at Stockholm University, 24 February, 13.25–15.20 och 25 February, 13.25–15.00.

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February 24

13.25–13.40    Jonathan Desponds 
Inference and prediction of transcription dynamics: application to the developmental pathways and the selection of T-cells

13.45–14.00    Fabian Froehlich 
Mechanistic Models for Data-Driven Drug Sensitivity Prediction

14.05–14.20    Juliette Griffie 
Characterising cellular processes at the nanoscale: beyond the pretty picture

14.25–14.40    Jakub Wiktor 
Live cell microscopy reveals homology search mechanism 

14.45–15.00    Michael Ratz 
Next-generation lineage tracing of brain development

15.05–15.20    Severin Schink
Towards a quantitative understanding of ageing in cellular model systems

February 25

13.25–13.40    Kimberly Siletti 
Molecular architecture of the mammalian brain   

13.45–14.00    Linas Urnavicius 
Multidisciplinary study of molecular mechanisms governing cellular organization

14.05–14.20    Axel Olin
Blood-Based Assays for Human Systems Immunology

14.25–14.40    Cheng Zhang
Systems biology in liver disease

14.45–15.00    Sofie Ährlund-Richter 
The ins and outs of the Prefrontal Cortex – Large-scale connectivity mapping and functional imaging of the Prefrontal Cortex

Chairing the presentations and the recruitment process is Professor Catarina Rydin. Acting as external reviewers for the recruitment are Professors Dagmar Iber, Janet Thornton and Andreas Tolias. 

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