ELIXIR-GOBLET Train-the-Trainer

September 13, 2023 September 15, 2023


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Navet, SciLifeLab Uppsala
SciLifeLab Uppsala, BMC C11, Husargatan 3
Uppsala, 75237 Sweden
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ELIXIR-GOBLET Train-the-Trainer

September 13 @ 08:00 September 15 @ 17:00 CEST

Course Content

This course offers guidance, ideas and tips for designing training/teaching, development and delivery on training activities, all based on research-driven educational principles. This course will cover 4 main topics:

  1. Learning principles and how they apply to training and teaching
  2. Design and plan session, course, materials
  3. Teaching techniques to enhance learner engagement and participation
  4. Assessment and feedback in training and teaching

This course will be delivered through Canvas learning management system. You can find a link to the course pages here.

Note! The course is highly interactive and hence it is important that you, as a participant, actively contribute to all sessions and elements of the course.

Important dates and information

Application opens: 2023-04-21

Application closes: 2023-08-21

Confirmation to accepted students: 2023-08-25

Course Leaders and teachers: Jessica Lindvall and Nina Norgren

In case you miss information on any of the above dates, please contact: Nina Norgren (traininghub@scilifelab.se)

Learning Objectives

  • To get acquainted with Learning principles and how they apply to training
  • To be able to select and use training techniques that can help enhance learner engagement and participation
  • To learn how to use assessment and feedback in training
  • To learn about session, course, and materials design

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Name learning principles that a good teacher/instructor should have in mind
  • Describe at least three training techniques, drawing on learning principles
  • Design a training session and a course
  • Develop assessment questionnaires
  • Enumerate types of materials needed for each part of a training session or course

Entry requirements

Whoever is interested in becoming a trainer/instructor, or improving your training skills. If you have questions like the following ones, this course may be very helpful to you.

  • How learning works?
  • How do I use learning principles and theories to improve my teaching/training?
  • How do I make my teaching/training more engaging and effective?
  • How should I adjust my teaching/training to different types of learners?
  • How do I ensure learning progress?
  • How can I assess whether my students are actually understanding my lessons? Are they actually learning?
  • What is the best balance between theory and practice?
  • How can I best assess whether learning is occurring and/or has occurred?
  • What works in a classroom and what doesn’t?

Due to limited space the course can accommodate a maximum of 25 participants. If we receive more applications, participants will be selected based on selection criteria: Priority will be given to applicants from SciLifeLab infrastructures, institutes and organisations across the Nordic research community, and to participants from Nordic ELIXIR nodes.

Course fee

A course fee* of 2000 SEK will be invoiced to accepted participants. The fee includes lunches, coffee and fikas, and a course dinner.

*Please note that NBIS cannot invoice individuals

Note! If you are accepted and decide not to attend without communicating the reason for the no-show with us latest on the 8th of September, we will invoice a no-show-fee of 2000 SEK.

The invoicing information needs to be included in the registration in order to guarantee your spot in the training event, if you are to be accepted. By giving the invoice information you hereby confirm that the group leader/PI/manager has given a consent regarding your possible participation in the Training event.

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SciLifeLab Uppsala, BMC C11, Husargatan 3
Uppsala, 75237 Sweden
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