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In difference to SciLifeLab Campus Solna, where almost all operations are located in two buildings; the SciLifeLab research community and units in Uppsala are spread out over the Uppsala University campus. There is a, however, a main hub for SciLifeLab in Uppsala – Meetingplace Navet.

A place to meet

Meetingplace Navet is a place to meet for scientists, unit staff, and visitors from within and outside the academic environment. It hosts 3,000 square meters of meeting rooms, guest rooms, and offices, and an additional 8,000 square meters of laboratories in the surrounding area. The innovative architecture is designed to facilitate interdisciplinary meetings and serve as an inspiring atmosphere to promote creativity.

Navet offers meeting rooms for 6 to 92 people, an open meeting area for mingling events, lunches, poster sessions, and exhibitions, and guest rooms that can be used for shorter periods of work.

The construction of Navet was initiated in 2012, and in 2014, it was officially inaugurated. It is located in the Uppsala Biomedical Centre (BMC), which mainly belongs to Uppsala University and harbors scientific research and education in areas such as biology, chemistry, medicine, and pharmacy.

Activities in Navet

In the Navet Google calender, you can find information about planned maintenance, renovations and such, as well as reported social gatherings at Mötestorget.

Address and getting here

Meetingplace Navet is located in Uppsala Biomedical Centre (BMC).

Using public transportation, the closest bus stop is Uppsala Science Park. See suggested routes on UL.

Visiting address:
Uppsala Biomedical Centre (BMC), Husargatan 3, entrance C11, 752 37 Uppsala, Sweden

Mailing address (to SciLifeLab Operations Office in Uppsala):
Office for SciLifeLab in Uppsala, Box 3037, 750 03 Uppsala, Sweden


To get around Navet, you need an access card. All authorized personnel are registered by their Head of Division/Department, and can then pick up their card at the BMC reception desk. If you are a guest, you can contact SciLifeLab’s Coordinator Maria Bäckström (E10:1205,, 018-471 41 94, 072-999 92 69) to receive a short-term access card.

Meeting room bookings

Meetingplace Navet offers meeting rooms for 6 to 92 people. All rooms are equipped with WiFi, wired network connection, whiteboard/blackboard, data projector, and telephone conference equipment. There is also an activity-based brainstorming room (E10:3102) and rooms with video conference equipment (E10:2309 and E10:3309).

Meeting rooms

Uppsala University employees can book all meeting rooms in Navet at internal rates directly through TimeEdit; except for Trippelrummet, which is booked by emailing To book a meeting room through TimeEdit, visit Time Edit Boka Rum and log in using your CAS-ID.

Visitors from outside of Uppsala University are asked to send a request to for all meeting room bookings.

You can book document cameras, additional telephone conference equipment, special seating arrangements, etc., by emailing Requests for technical issues need to be sent 10 working days before the meeting, as Navet does not provide technical support during booked meetings.

Mötestorget – the Meeting Square

Mötestorget, the Meeting Square, is the open area on the ground floor of Navet. It is often used for mingling events, lunches, poster sessions, and exhibitions.

Hosting events at Mötestorget is free of charge; however, other people may use it for lunch and coffee during booked events as it is open to all members of the SciLifeLab community. If you would like to host an event at Mötestorget, booking it by emailing, is necessary to avoid double bookings.

Guest rooms

Navet also offers guest rooms for researchers, which can be used on a drop-in basis, or booked for a whole week through

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For more information on room layouts, internal and external rates, and meeting room equipments:

Internet access

All desks in Navet have a wired network connection. There are also three wireless networks available: Eduroam, UU-Guest and UpUnet-S.

Eduroam is available for Uppsala University employees, as well as researchers and visitors from other universities and higher educational institutions around the world.

To set up Eduroam, please see your university’s instructions, for instance:

UU-Guest is a guest network providing access for 24-hours at the time. Users enter their name and phone number and receive login credentials via a text message. When the 24 hour access expires, users can register their name and phone number for new login credentials and another 24 hours of access.

UpUnet-S is accessible for guests; employees and students at Uppsala University; and students at SLU. Guests need login credentials which are organized by their host.


There are a number of parking options around Meetingplace Navet and BMC. If you work at SciLifeLab or Uppsala University, you can park your car for a reduced rate by blipping your access card at the parking meter.

Restaurants and catering  

There a number of options for restaurants and catering around Navet and BMC, a few of which are presented below.

(Please note though – the catering options suggested don’t take procured agreements for different organizations into account – make sure to order catering accordingly with your organization’s agreements).

More options at Menu

More lunch options can be found on Menu, put together by the SciLifeLab Data Centre, listing restaurants and daily lunch options in the proximity of Navet.

Art in Navet

The always-changing art piece XYZ hangs in the atrium above Mötestorget in Navet. It plays with the notion of collecting data in our constant quest of measuring our world.

XYZ was commissioned by Statens Konstråd (Public Art Agency Sweden) and designed by Berlin-based artist Gustav Hellberg. The foundation of Hellberg’s artistic practice lies in the public sphere, where he looks for interactions between people, artwork and the public space; something XYZ is quite an example of.

The art piece consists of three illuminated bar graphs, positioned accordingly with the axes of a three-dimensional diagram. The bars are connected to sensors which control the light sequence. The red light indicates temperature in the room; the blue indicates humidity; and the green indicates level of carbon dioxide; all of which are important entities that determine human existence. The white light indicates power consumption of the bar graphs.

The lights change accordingly with fluctuations in the room’s temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide conditions; as identified by the sensors. XYZ is not an exact instrument, rather, it resembles an organism, always changing.


The reception desk at Navet’s entrance is not staffed. Instead, please contact team members Maria Bäckström (, 018-471 41 94, 072-999 92 69) or Erika Erkstam (, 018-471 42 67, 070-425 03 87)

For general BMC inquiries, please see BMC reception (018 – 471 49 50). Open 08:00-15:00.

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