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We know that it’s sometimes easy to only have eyes for your own work. But being part of SciLifeLab also means being part of something bigger.
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How we achieve our mission in the Swedish life science community

• Our national infrastructure aims to strengthen and empower life science research across Sweden and across all sectors of life science.

• We are dedicated to advancing and disseminating knowledge in technology- and data-driven topics in life science.

• We strive for excellence, reproducibility and integrity of our research as well as open accessibility and dissemination of data, methods and results.

• We prioritize recruitment, training and career development of the best scientific talent, particularly young scientists.

• We facilitate collaboration across universities, disciplines, organizations and society sectors.

• We welcome diversity of individuals, opinions and experiences in a community of scientific excellence.

Organisation and management

As a joint academic effort, SciLifeLab has it’s own organisational structure and governance, but with close links to both the four founding host universities and other universities in Sweden. If you’d like to dive in to the fine print on how SciLifeLab is managed, you’re in the right section!

SciLifeLab Group Leaders

The two pillars of SciLifeLab are our national research infrastructure and our research community, and their relationship is truly synergistic. The updated Group Leader definition was approved by our Board in November 2019 and replaces previously used terms like “faculty” and “PI”, which tend to be defined differently at each university and often don’t take into account infrastructure and technology expert roles. Follow the link to find guidelines on how we define the concept of Group Leaders, including both research groups and infrastructure units.

Group Leader definition
Publication affiliations

SciLifeLab Talkshow

During 20202, a talkshow was produced by SciLifeLab in order to celebrate and look back on the first decade of SciLifeLab. The talkshow is hosted by Lisa Kirsebom, and highlights researchers and infrastructure staff within the SciLifeLab community. Four episodes in total, spanning topics of the SciLifeLab Roadmap, work on the Covid-19 pandemic, Data-driven Life Science and Community Collaborations.

Episode 1
Episode 3
Episode 2
Episode 4
See all episodes on SciLifeLab’s Youtube channel

Integration & introduction for SciLifeLab Fellows

The Integration & Introduction document for the SciLifeLab Fellows’ program is aimed to support the Fellows’ program, including recruitment, follow-up and exit processes, i.e. a reference guide for all involved stakeholders. It’s not a formal steering document, rather, it builds on other, previous decisions and university agreements.

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