Brand and communications toolbox

Did you find your way to this section because you’re working on assembling some kind of information material, such as a presentation or brochure? That makes us over the moon! It’s a well-known fact that builders need tools. But it also means that you’re engaged in another, never-ending construction project at SciLifeLab. Building our brand. 

SciLifeLab communications are created, not just by the communications team, but by all of us in the community. All the time. Keeping it cohesive will help others get to know SciLifeLab the same way we wish to perceive ourselves – as a unified center. 

Brand policy
How do we handle the logotype, the graphic profile and the brand name of SciLifeLab? Read all about it in the brand policy below.

Domain and subdomain policy
SciLifeLab’s main digital display is the website We strive to direct other channels towards that website, to ensure consistent information with one main source.

Privacy policy
The personal data you provide in the registration form enables SciLifeLab to register and contact you about your attendance at the event. If you want to remove your personal data, please contact


Slack is an online lightweight communication tool.
The SciLifeLab Slack workspace is – anyone with an email address that ends in,, or can immediately register themselves here.

Anyone else: request an invite by emailing

At Campus Solna and in Uppsala’s Navet, there are information screens, also known as our digital signs, that display content using the PLAYipp software.

To promote an upcoming event, submit a flyer image (1920×1080 px, horizontal orientation) to To post on other topics, contact You’re allowed to have your flyer up for two weeks, unless it’s a recurring event. 

Follow recent developments and internal announcements in the Community pages news feed. Do you have suggestions for content? Contact  

To get announcements from the Operations office and our Management Group straight to your inbox, opt-in to the Internal Community Updates e-mail list. Questions are answered via

At some sites, there are e-mail lists for reaching all local SciLifeLab community members. Contact Operations Office representatives for more information. 

SciLifeLab Data Centre can provide emails.
To make a request please email and include information about:
•      group/affiliation
•      reasons why you need the email address
•      name
•      current email
All members of the SciLifeLab Google workspace can create google groups that can for example be used as a point of contact for an infrastructure unit or platform.

Our bi-weekly newsletter has subscribers from both inside and outside the SciLifeLab community. It highlights news from the community, SciLifeLab mentions in media, upcoming events and training opportunities, and current vacancies.

Content tips:

Event support

Annual call for event support

Every year, SciLifeLab supports a number of events that are within our core research areas and open to participants from all over Sweden. If you are a SciLifeLab researcher or unit staff, you can apply for our central support package for events. 

Elevate Your Ideas: Participate in Interactive Coaching at SciLifeLab

The Innovation Offices at SciLifeLab’s four founding universities – KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm University and Uppsala University – have together with SciLifeLab launched a new initiative with the aim to support and promote further development of findings and ideas for commercialization. Open Innovation Coaching sessions are offered by these Innovation Offices to SciLifeLab researchers and personnel through individual bookable timeslots for discussions and advice.

The aim is to lower the threshold for early initial discussion regarding commercialization potential and guidance towards available support, in order to further encourage translation of findings made in conjunction to the SciLifeLab technologies for the benefit of society.

Publication affiliations

Who should affiliate with SciLifeLab?

SciLifeLab Group Leaders, directors, managers, members and staff of SciLifeLab research groups or infrastructure units.

How do you do it?

Affiliate by one of the examples below:

  • SciLifeLab, Department of xxxxxx, xx University, Address xxx
  • Department of xxxxx, SciLifeLab, xx University, Address xxxx

Last updated: 2024-06-27

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