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October 17, 2022 October 18, 2022


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Facility Forum

October 17 @ 10:00 October 18 @ 14:00 CEST

Facility Forum is a two-day event exclusively for the SciLifeLab infrastructure community, including platform and unit leadership, staff, and administrative personnel, as well as central management and support teams.

The event aims to bring everyone updated on what is cooking at SciLifeLab, promote cross-platform and cross-unit interactions, and enable discussions on urgent topics related to infrastructure operations. We offer inspiring talks, network activities, discussions in parallel sessions, and dinner with entertainment in the evening on day one. The second day is devoted to platform-wise activities and ends with a joint lunch. We have a maximum number of participants (400p).

Your participation includes the following:

  • Bus from/to Cityterminalen, Tomtebodavägen Solna or BMC Uppsala
  • Conference program
  • Lunches and coffee breaks
  • Teamwork activity
  • Conference dinner
  • Overnight stay in a single/double room (only for participants of Day 1+2)

Bus transport to Djurönäset, Oct 17

Departure from BMC Uppsala at exactly 07:15

Departure from Tomtebodavägen 23, Solna at exactly 08:00

Departure from Cityterminalen, Stockholm at exactly 08:30
(Gate number is shown on the digital screens inside the terminal building, 30 minutes before departure)

Bus transport from Djurönäset, Oct 18

14:00 Busses to Cityterminalen, BMC Uppsala, and Tomtebodavägen departs from Djurönäset

Bus transport to Fågelbrohus, evening Oct 17 and morning Oct 18

The event is fully booked, and accommodation (single room) at Fågelbrohus (about 10 minutes by bus) has been arranged for the latest registered participants. The Fågelbrohus residents are welcome to use the SPA at Djurönäset before dinner.

22:00 Bus departs to Fågelbrohus

23:30 Bus departs to Fågelbrohus

08:30 Bus departs to Djurönäset from Fågelbrohus


October 17

09:00Coffee, sandwich, and registration
Welcome. SciLifeLab talk show with guests, Stora Kongressen
Short break 11:00-11:30 and 12:00-12:10
12:45Conference lunch
13:45Drop-in Poster session and coffee, Stora Kongressen
14:30Teamwork activity, instructions from the stage, Stora Kongressen

15:30Parallel sessions (see Workshops A-G below)
17:00Free time, SPA available
18:15Aperitif and music, Lounge, main building
19:00Conference dinner and entertainment

October 18

09:00Platform-wise program
09:00 Platform-wise program

Clinical Genomics, House 7, Room Lilla Kongressen
Operations office/SISU, Room 1K+1A
Spatial and Single Cell Biology, Room 2A
Genomics, Room 3A
DDD, Room, 4A
Bioinformatics, Room 5A
Clinical Proteomics and Immunomonitoring, Room 6A
CBGE, Room 1E
Cellular and Molecular Imaging, Room 2E
Integrated Structural Biology, Room 3E
Metabolomics, Room 4E
Data center, Room 5E
Coffee is served in the lounge, outside the meeting rooms from 09:30-11:00.
Special requirements in House 6.
12:45Conference lunch
14:00Bus transfer


Meet the team for the SciLifeLab Training Hub to discuss how training, courses, lifelong learning, and education of the infrastructure users should be organized in a nationally coordinated model to optimally serve both the platforms and the Swedish life science research community.

Location: ROOM 6A

Workshop leader

Jessica Lindvall

Reflections and advice on reaching out to target groups outside science with a focus on presentation techniques.

Contents include

  • Five core principles of effective communication
  • Popularizing science – some hands-on advice
  • The Five Ps: Planning, Preparing and Performing Persuasive Presentations
  • Preparing an elevator pitch – a walkthrough
  • Practical advice for connecting with the audience

Location: ROOM 2A

Workshop leader

Olle Bergman

Meet the SciLifeLab External Relations Office and SciLifeLab/KTH lawyer to discuss models to interact with different user categories, user fee policies, priorities, contracts, legal aspects, and intellectual property rights.

Location: ROOM 4A

Workshop Leader

Josefin Lundgren Gawell

Meet representatives from SciLifeLab Data Centre to find out about services available for your platform/unit and to discuss future needs. Learn about the Data Centre plans and how to get involved in testing of upcoming systems and services.

Location: ROOM 3A

Workshop leader

Hanna Kultima

How can the infrastructure contribute to implementation of precision medicine into routine clinical care in Sweden? An interactive workshop and discussion with representatives from the SciLifeLab Precision Medicine team.


Workshop leader

Åsa Johansson

In the light of the recommendations from our International Advisory Board, this workshop will focus on discussions on how to increase the quality of the research that is facilitated by the infrastructure. This involves among other things aspects of the service repertoire, modes of operation, cross-platform interactions, and data handling.

Location: ROOM 1A

Workshop leader

Annika Jenmalm Jensen

Meet the scientific leads of the recently launched Planetary Biology capability at SciLifeLab and find out more about the mission and vision. Brainstorm with us about what technologies and methods in the SciLifeLab infrastructure toolbox could be of value to the target research community in visionary and forward-looking discussions.

Location: ROOM 5A

Workshop Leaders

Stefan Bertilsson & Olga Vinnare Pettersson

Important information

Registration: Registration has closed, and we have a waiting list. We have 400 p. registered for Facility Forum.

Cancellations: In the unfortunate case that you need to cancel your participation, send an email to infra@scilifelab.se ASAP so we can have someone from the waiting list take your place.

Parallel sessions: All the participants have been granted their first choice of workshop.

Overnight stay: Only participants of Day 2 are allowed the overnight stay. We have exceeded the number of rooms available at Djurönäset, så the last registered persons will stay at Hotel Fågelbrohus. A bus transfer from/to Djurönäset (about 10 minutes) will be provided in the evening and the morning. We have used the first-come-first-served principle, and a large number of people are accommodated with a roommate. All double rooms have separate beds. If you can stay in a double room, let us know your room mate.

Conference dinner: If necessary, priority will be given to people participating for two days.

Getting there by public transport: Visit www.sl.se and make a query for your journey – e.g. from T-centralen to Djurönäset. Bus 433 and bus 434 departs regularly from Slussen to Djurönäset.

For questions about Facility Forum, please contact infra@scilifelab.se

Organizing committee

Chair: Annika Jenmalm Jensen, SciLifeLab Infrastructure Director

Operations office: Erika Bergqvist Erkstam, project leader, Maria Bäckström, David Gotthold, Lars Johansson, Alice Sollazzo, Samuel Avraham, Charlotte Stadler, Björn Nystedt, and with fantastic support from the Platform Coordination Officers.

Seregårdsvägen 1
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