The Fair Journal: Science Cartoons for the People

June 2, 2022, 10:00 – 11:00
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The Fair Journal: Science Cartoons for the People

June 2 @ 10:00 11:00 CEST

Jonas N. Søndergaard

The Fair Journal is run by active scientists passionate about spreading recent scientific findings in an understandable and truthful manner to kids and non-scholarly educated adults ( Their specialty is making cartoons explaining the essence of research articles to kids, with a focus on storytelling and making it fun. They also publish a written summary in a language that non-scholarly educated people can understand. In this BAM presentation, Jonas will talk about how the Fair Journal’s system works, how they produce the cartoons, and how scientists can earn from their own layman summaries.

Jonas Søndergaard is current an Assistant Professor at Osaka University in Japan. Previously, he  performed research in Sweden (SciLifeLab), Netherlands, Denmark, and the US. His main research focus is immunology, but he is also interested in all fields of science ranging from engineering, to medical sciences, and social sciences. He envisioned the idea for the Fair Journal while working at SciLifeLab. 

Researchers in all stages of their career are welcome to attend and could find the talk useful. Kindly feel free to extend the invitation to your home universities. 

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