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SciLifeLab Solna PhD & Postdoc Council


The SciLifeLab PhD and Postdoc Council (Campus Solna) is a non-formal association of PhD students and Postdoctoral researchers working at SciLifeLab. We provide PhD and Postdocs at SciLifeLab with a supportive network and representation. With 3 Universities under one roof, you can get easily lost as newcomer. Our aim is to work closely with SciLifeLab directors and administration to making SciLifeLab an attractive place. Here, we will keep you posted about upcoming events, our work and provide you with useful information. We announce our events also on our google calendar and via the 'general' email-list, thus make sure you subscribe for that email-list. Moreover, you can follow us on Twitter. Please reach out to us if you have any PhD & Postdoc related questions or challenges.



Science Talks

SciLifeLab Solna organises an internal symposium every year to highlight the diversity of research topics at our institute. Various group leaders at our campus will present the work. Apart from group leaders, PhD students and Postdocs are encouraged to present their mature work too. The PhD and Postdoc council selects the presentations of these junior scientist from online abstract submission.

Campus Solna Seminar

This is a weekly institute-wide seminar series held every Thursday at 12-13h to bring together scientist from different floors and different buildings. Two PhD or Postdoc speakers present their ongoing (unpublished) projects. This seminar offers an opportunity to exchange ideas across disciplines and areas of research, and a chance for PhD students and Postdocs to present their work and get feedback. Moreover all academic staff can quickly become acquainted with the latest technologies and expertise that the institute can offer, and will also stimulate interdisciplinary collaboration. To join the presenting schedule, discuss this initiative with your group leader, they can sign you up. We strive that every researcher at our campus can present here. See here the schedule for this semester.

BAM Seminar

At the “Biology At Most” seminar we invite speakers from all types of life science career paths. They will share their visions, perspectives and expertise in their field in a relatively informal environment.

PhD Intro Seminar

Are you a new PhD Student at SciLifeLab? Are you feeling lost when you hear words like LADOK, ISP or don’t know how and when to sign up to courses? Or do you wonder how to transfer credits from summer schools, conferences and how things work with the half-time seminar? We host PhD introductory sessions. Older students from KI, SU and KTH will give a brief overview of topics related to the administration of PhD studies at your University and are available to answer questions. Keep in mind that the information given in this event is not binding and you should always contact your respective school for official information. Nonetheless, we hope to give you a sense of orientation in the PhD-jungle and a platform to meet both older students and other recently started PhDs at SciLifeLab.

Team members

Activity in Council
Vaishnovi Sekar Gamma 5 PhD student at Stockholm University Chair, BAM seminar, Science Talks 2022
Marcel Tarbier Gamma 5 Postdoc at Karolinska Institute Secretary, Website, Science Talks 2022
Eva Brinkman Gamma 4/5 Postdoc at Karolinska Institute Website, Campus Solna seminar series
Ryan Hull Gamma 4/5 Postdoc at Karolinska Institute Campus Solna seminar series, Science Talks 2022
Aswathy Kallazhi Gamma 5 PhD student at Stockholm University BAM seminar, PhD Intro Seminar
Yerma Pareja Sanchez Gamma 4/5 PhD student at Karolinska Institutet Science Talks 2022
Franziska Ragaller Gamma 3 PhD student at Karolinska Institutet BAM seminar
Sami Saarenpää Alpha 3 PhD student at KTH Campus Solna seminar series, PhD Intro Seminar
Aditi Shenoy Alpha 6 PhD student at Stockholm University Social media


  • Alba Corman, PhD student at Karolinska Insitutet
  • Markus Janasch, PhD student at KTH
  • Axel Ohlin, PhD student at Karolinska Insitutet
  • Marco Salvatore, PhD student at Stockholm University
  • Karen Schriever, PhD student at KTH
  • Dörte Schlesinger, PhD student at Karolinska Insitutet
  • Marianna Tampere, PhD student at Karolinska Insitutet
  • Lucie Rodriguez, PhD student at Karolinska Institutet
  • Jörg Bachmann, Postdoc at KTH