The first protein sweetener fit for the mass food market

June 12, 14:00 – 15:00


Arne Elofsson


Air&Fire, SciLifeLab Stockholm
Tomtebodavägen 23 A
Solna, Sweden
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The first protein sweetener fit for the mass food market

June 12, 2023 @ 14:00 15:00 CEST


Ilan Samish, Amai Proteins


Arne Elofsson, SciLifeLab


Sugar underlies the metabolic syndrome, the topmost health problem of the world. Unfortunately, the eight different categories of sugar reduction cannot reduce >30% of sugar without compromising the need for a tasty, cost-efficient solution, not to mention one which is healthy and sustainable. Hyper-sweet proteins, found along the equatorial belt, enable significant sugar reduction. Unlike small-molecule sweeteners, they are digestible and consequently are not anticipated to ignite adverse effects inside our body. Yet, they are costly, unstable and have a compromised sensory profile. Here we present sweelin™, a stable protein which enables up to 80% sugar reduction without compromising cost or taste as assessed by Amai’s supertaster panel. The novel protein was developed by optimizing the core, loops, and electrostatics of monellin, a hyper-sweet and unstable protein. Following the AI-CPD (Computational Protein Design), the protein is manufactured via microbial precision fermentation. With numerous fee-bearing agreements with large food and beverage multinationals, sweelin™ will be regulatory approved this year. The synergistic combination of AI-CPD, microbial precision fermentation and food technology, enables the development of numerous ‘super-proteins’ fit for the mass food market.

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