Academic research collaboration

SciLifeLab actively supports and participates in national and international research networks. The External Relations Office focus on identifying models for multi-stakeholder collaborations and connecting the local and national innovation system closer to the research infrastructure, as well as engaging in activities aimed to stimulate multi- and cross sector interactions.

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The people

More than 1000 affiliated group leaders, fellows, students and employees to connect with. SciLifeLab infrastructure unit scientists, fellows and associated PIs have broad international networks within their respective fields and are ready to make contact. 

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Translating academic drug discovery projects to industry 

The drug discovery and development platform (DDD) platform makes use of fundamental academic research discoveries across the country and validates these as drug discovery targets and creates lead molecules that would provide attractive future investment as opportunities within the private sector.

Over the past 4 years, DDD has successfully developed therapeutic discoveries with numerous academic groups across the country. Several projects have been out-licensing to industry or established as new spin-off companies. The combination of tools available at SciLifeLab units provide excellent opportunities for drug discovery and development, at different points in the route to new treatments.

With its mission to support researchers in developing prototypes for new drugs, the DDD platform is focused on providing state-of-the-art drug discovery technologies to scientists across the country.


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