Implementation of research for healthcare

Implementation of genomics and translating advanced diagnostics from research to healthcare and precision medicine 

SciLifeLab works strategically to increase collaborations striving for accelerated implementation of novel research technologies and findings of social benefit linked to health and the healthcare system.

The Clinical Genomics platform is the national research infrastructure for the development, validation and implementation of new high-throughput technologies for clinical and translational research projects, clinical trials, and diagnostics within healthcare. SciLifeLab also collaborate closely with the Genomic Medicine Sweden (an initiative originating from SciLifeLab) regarding technological development in this area.

The Clinical Proteomics and Immunology and Spatial And Single Cell Biology provides technologies, services, and expertise within the field of state-of-the-art mass spectrometry (MS), affinity proteomics and single cell analyzing tools for advanced protein analyses in body fluids, cells and tissues. The services allow studies of proteins in clinical and basic research projects.

Covid-19 – new processes and relations beyond the pandemic 

By engaging the entire SciLifeLab research community and utilizing our national infrastructure, SciLifeLab has delved into creating world-class capabilities for analyzing and inhibiting COVID-19 at the molecular, cellular, patient, population and environmental level. Read more about the work and fins info about the SciLifeLab COVID-19 research seminar here:

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Pandemic Laboratory Preparedness (PLP) capability

SciLifeLab is commissioned by the government to build capacity to be equipped to assist in future pandemics. The assignment is to optimize SciLifeLab operations to support and complement other societal functions such as authorities, municipalities and regions in pandemic laboratory preparedness.

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Precision Medicine (PM) capability

SciLifeLab aims to bring cutting-edge technologies and first-class expertise directly to hospitals, building the foundation of tomorrow’s data-driven Precision Medicine.Precision Medicine

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Clincal Talks

The Clinical Talks” series has been renewed for yet another exciting, innovative, and enlightening season. This season will focus on sustainable innovations within Life Sciences, that have the potential to contribute to a better climate friendly future for our future generations. Also new this year is that the seminar is co-organized in a collaboration between SciLifeLab and KI Innovations.

COVID-19 Research Seminar Series

The COVID-19 seminar series aims to openly share the research progress with the scientific community and promote visibility of the ongoing COVID-19 research in Sweden and worldwide.

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