All time high applications for Science & SciLifeLab Prize

Since the first award in 2013 Science & SciLifeLab Prize for Young Scientists has never received more applications than this year. In total there has been 71% increase of submissions over the years.

“We are very happy that the word is obviously spreading about the prize” Says David Gotthold, project leader for Science & SciLifeLab Prize for Young Scientists at SciLifeLab. “With more applicants we hope to get a larger number of highly qualified essays to choose from and I ‘m sure that the Science editorial board is up for a big challenge selecting this years winners.”

There are also more applicants from Sweden in 2016 than ever before. One explanation to the quite weak Swedish interest in the prize, despite it being awarded by a Swedish center might be that researchers connected to SciLifeLab are not allowed to apply.

“So far the prize is still mostly known within the SciLifeLab community in Sweden” Says David Gotthold. “Of course it would be something extra to reward a Swedish scientist some day so I really encourage everyone within SciLifeLab to spread the word about the prize to their Swedish network!”

The names of the 2016 winners will be revealed in the beginning of December and they will receive their awards at a price ceremony in the Hall of Mirrors in Stockholm during the Nobel week.



Last updated: 2016-09-05

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