Call for Letter of Interest in multimodal precision medicine

On February 22, SciLifeLab Precision Medicine Capability launches call for Letter of Interest in Multimodal Precision Medicine to spark collaborative projects to test feasibility of generating interoperable multimodal data.

The primary objective is to converge cutting-edge technologies, expertise, and robust data infrastructure to lay the groundwork for the future of Precision Medicine. By establishing a dedicated coordinating support unit, the Precision Medicine Capability seeks to facilitate access to SciLifeLab’s technology platforms, thereby supporting both academic and industry-driven clinical studies and trials. The pilot projects will be led by Rikard Fred, the new Research Infrastructure Specialist of this support unit.

“This call will fund pilot projects to perform multimodal analyses at any of SciLifeLab’s infrastructure units aiming for developing clinical applications to improve bedside-to-bench-to-bedside coordination. We believe this initiative is crucial for advancing precision medicine and accelerating the translation of research findings into tangible benefits for patients”, says Päivi Östling, Scientific Lead for Precision Medicine at SciLifeLab.

The primary goal of the call is to enhance the accessibility and utilization of SciLifeLab’s technologies in early clinical trials. Interested parties are invited to submit their Letter of Interest in Multimodal Precision Medicine from February 22 to April 24 (14:00 CET).

Digital information meetings about the call will be held on March 7 at 13-14 and March 14 at 13-14.


Last updated: 2024-02-22

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