Expression of interest call: DDLS research area expert group members

Are you an established expert within any of the four strategic areas for data-driven research within the DDLS program? Express your interest in becoming a member of the research area expert groups in the call opened today. The role involves advising on research area specific strategies and research profiles for the scientific programs of the SciLifeLab and Wallenberg National Program on Data-Driven Life Science (DDLS).

In 2021, four DDLS research area (RA) specific expert groups, with the aim to plan and coordinate activities within each research area, as well as act as research area specific national scientific advisors for the program, were formed. The members of the expert group, all leading scientists in their field, has since then been giving advice on research area specific strategies and research profiles for the scientific programs of the DDLS program.

The four data-driven research areas of the DDLS program are
• Cell and molecular biology
• Evolution and biodiversity
• Precision medicine and diagnostics
• Epidemiology and biology of infection

The expert groups are vital in engaging communities across the DDLS research areas and promoting collaborations between scientists and have already been organizing several well-attended scientific DDLS symposia and community events revolving around the specific research areas. The RA expert groups work closely together with our DDLS Fellows in each area, as well as the PhD student and postdoc communities, the DDLS Research School and SciLifeLab Training Hub, the Data Science Nodes, and the WABI Bioinformatics support. The DDLS RA expert groups work under and reports directly to the DDLS steering group and  Program Director, and are important arenas for interactions and links between the DDLS community and the industry, healthcare and other external stakeholders.

Deadline for submission April 11, 2024 (extended from April 1, 2024)

A member of the DDLS research area specific expert group is an established expert in the DDLS field of interest. The RA expert can be from one of the partner organizations or from the Swedish life science community in general (industry, healthcare, etc.). The members are expected to support the broad national role of the DDLS program. Hence, they are representatives of their research fields, not those of a particular university or a specific research theme or project.

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