IGP in place at BMC

Friday, May 17 offered both exhibitions and canapés as the Department of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology (IGP) celebrated that the first research groups are now in place at BMC. At the end of the year the SciLifeLab move will be completed.

A central part of the investment in SciLifeLab is to gather research in genetics and genomics under one roof. The Hub is currently being built at BMC, and will serve as the geographical centre for SciLifeLab. The first five research groups moved into their new units in March, and Friday May 17 they arranged a house warming party to celebrate.

– We have really gotten nice and fresh rooms, which we largely have been able to influence the design of. Personally I find it much better than our previous premises in the Rudbeck Laboratory. Around the turn of the year, all the teams will be in place and I look forward to good meetings, collaboration and exchange of ideas, said Lars Feuk, researcher at the Department of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology.

The intention of merging the research groups is to create natural meeting-places for new contacts and networks.

– We will gather solid, in some cases world leading, expertise in the hallways and I very much look forward to the collaboration that is now made possible. The units here are functional, bright and friendly. When the Hub is completed and populated we will get another exciting and interesting environment, and we hope that those who are moving in there will be as pleased as we, said Claes Wadelius, professor of Medical Genetics.

Around the turn of the year the move will be completed when Uppsala Genome Center arrives at BMC. One of those who took the opportunity to visit their neighbours to-be was research engineer Ida Höijer.

– It seems as we will have much better and spacious laboratories here, and above all it will be exciting to work close to the other platforms, said Ida Höijer.


One of the house warming party exhibitions in the new offices. This is where the forensic science group sits.


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