Mia Phillipson appointed new SciLifeLab Scientific Director

The SciLifeLab Board appoints physiology professor Mia Phillipson as Scientific Director, representing Uppsala University, in the SciLifeLab Management Group.

Mia Phillipson is a professor in physiology since 2014 at Uppsala University. She is a member of the SciLifeLab faculty and her current research focuses on immune cell recruitment to sites of inflammation or injury, the role of macrophages and neutrophils during healing and formation of blood vessels and immune cell-bacterial crosstalk. Her laboratory also explores means to accelerate the healing of hypoxic tissues and wounds in skin and mucosa by targeting immune cells.

“It feels great to take on the mission as Scientific Director at SciLifeLab in Uppsala! SciLifeLab enables fantastic research within the Life Science sector throughout Sweden, and I hope to bring the user perspective to identify ways to reduce possible thresholds to and between the platforms” says Mia Phillipson.

Photo: Mikael Wallerstedt


Last updated: 2019-07-05

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