Minister for Older People and Social Security visits SciLifeLab

On February 26, Minister for Older People and Social Security Anna Tenje visited SciLifeLab at Navet in Uppsala. The agenda included discussions on innovative medical technologies and digital healthcare for the elderly.

The event began with introductions from Maria Tenje, Director of MedTech Science and Innovation Centre (MTSI), and Staffan Svärd, Chair of the Board of MTSI and Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Uppsala University’s Faculty of Science and Technology.

Following the introductions, a series of presentations were given:

  • Cecilia Persson from the Department of Materials Science discussed future treatments for osteoporosis patients
  • Maria Hägglund from the Department of Women’s and Children’s Health talked about the intersection of elder care and digitalization
  • Helena Bysell from the Uppsala University Innovation Partnership Office held a presentation on the role of 3D printing in healthcare
  • Christel Bergström from the Department of Pharmacy discussed personalized medication dosages for seniors

The visit concluded with a tour of SciLifeLab infrastructure unit U-PRINT, focusing on surgical planning and bioprinting, led by Andreas Thor from Uppsala University Hospital and Paul O’Callaghan, Director of U-PRINT.


Last updated: 2024-02-26

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