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National SciLifeLab Committee visited Solna

Published: 2018-09-06

The members of the committee together with representatives from the SciLifeLab management (from left to right): Tommy Olsson (WCMM), Siv Andersson (Co-Director SciLifeLab), Mikael Sigvardsson (LiU), Jan Stenlid (SLU), Sara Hallin (alternate SLU), Lisbeth Olsson (Chalmers), Maria Fällman (UmU), Johan Malmström (alternate LU), Gunilla Westergren-Thorsson, chair (SciLifeLab Board) and Olli Kallionemi (Director SciLifeLab). 

On September 5th, the National SciLifeLab Committee visited SciLifeLab in Solna for their first ever meeting. The committee was appointed by the SciLifeLab board in February 2018 and comprises seven members: One from each university outside the Stockholm-Uppsala region and one representative from the Wallenberg Centre for Molecular Medicine.

The committees mission is to act as advisory body for the SciLifeLab Director regarding strategic questions about service, competence and support, as well as for each member to be an ambassador for SciLifeLab at their respective universities.