New support function for data management

The SciLifeLab national platforms produce a massive amount of experimental data for Swedish research projects. Turning this data into new science is rapidly increasing the needs for bioinformatic support and efficient management of data. To maximize the impact of the data that SciLifeLab generates, the SciLifeLab board has decided to establish a new support function, the Data Office. This new team will provide services to platforms and their users for data management issues such as security, privacy, sharing, archiving and publishing data, facilitate transparency and openness of the projects supported by the platforms, and track the long term scientific impact of SciLifeLab supported projects. The Data Office will work closely with funders and journals who increasingly require adherence to international open science principles, to facilitate for Swedish researchers to follow these.

The Data Office will contact all SciLifeLab units individually during spring, and is encouraging questions and feedback at any time. Our webpages are at


Last updated: 2016-11-22

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